Stitch Boutique to Present at The White Party This Thursday

[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap]f you haven’t heard already, 303 Magazine is celebrating its 11th anniversary this Thursday, August 27, by throwing its annual White Party. The event will not only support the charity Help Find Kelise, but it will also support Denver’s fashion scene by featuring local boutiques in the Poolside Fashion Show.

One of the boutiques that will be showing at the White Party is Stitch Boutique. Since it’s a part of the show, we sat down with Stitch and asked them a few questions about the boutique, Denver and of course how they felt about 303 Magazine‘s anniversary.

Read our interview with Stitch Boutique, and then get your tickets to the White Party here.


When did stitch boutique open? 

Since May of 2014, Stitch Boutique has been breathing new life into the Denver fashion scene with a unique and inventive inventory.

IMG_9817Why did you choose to open a women’s boutique in Denver? 

Opening a women’s boutique has always been a dream of ours. Denver’s fast growing market seemed like the perfect place to open Stitch. Denver is a young, trendy city that needed a boutique that is constantly evolving to best meet our customers’ needs. We saw a need for a one-of-a-kind and innovative approach to boutique shopping.

How would you define the style shoppers can find in your store?    

Stitch Boutique is a very versatile store. We ensure that our styles are on-trend and current while still having options for a variety of demographics. We have that contemporary look without the sticker shock. We are also very conscious that we live in Colorado, and have pieces that can be transitioned seamlessly through out the seasons.

What is your price range? 

Everything at Stitch is priced under $250, but with that being said the majority of our items is below $100. We pride ourselves in constantly building relationships with our customers and finding items that are unique but budget friendly.

IMG_9930What makes Denver’s fashion industry different than any other in the city? 

Denver has grown rapidly in a short period of time, therefore the fashion is evolving to mimic that of larger cities. We are bringing new items in daily and getting on board with more risky and edgy looks. No one wants to play it safe anymore –fashion is a freedom of expression and we are taking that to the limits.

What makes Stitch Boutique different than any other boutique in Denver?

Our main focus is customer service. We love helping styling women’s wardrobes, we love making women feel pretty, classy and sexy, all at the same time and we do it in the utmost professional way. If you don’t have customer service, don’t expect repeat business. We have customers come in once a week to see what’s new and enjoy their experience at Stitch. We have gotten to know our customers on so many other levels than just helping them pick out clothes, and that is the most rewarding part of our job. We consider them friends and we love to help them in every way possible.

IMG_9913What can we expect stitch to feature on the runway at 303’s White Party?

This show we will be focusing on fall as this is the transitional time of year. Expect a lot of leather, fur and bold patterns!

You were apart of 303’s anniversary event last year as well. Why did you guys come back? 

Last year we did a pop-up shop and had tremendous feedback from the attendees. This year we want to showcase the clothing on the runway. We are so excited about upcoming fall fashion and want it to be seen in a different angle on the runway versus in the pop-up shop setting. We love being a part of any event in Denver. We have evolved and grown so much in the year that we have been open and are excited to continue to share our love and passion with Denver.

IMG_9898What fall trends are your favorite and what can our readers expect from you this fall?

Faux fur has been a strong trend for a few years, and it’s not going anywhere! We just got back from a buying trip and the pieces we selected are nothing less than fabulous. Chunky knits are also on-point this year. We love layering and there is nothing better than a cozy, yet adorable, chunky knit sweater. We have so much coming your way daily for this fall season. And finally another huge trend is (which we’ve always loved) is fall/winter florals. You will see this in jackets, rompers and dresses. Pair any of these amazing trends with vegan leather jackets and leggings and you are set.

Other than wearing white, what would you suggest our readers wear to the anniversary event? 

We think pairing a statement necklace and a leather jacket with your favorite white piece is the perfect look for a fun fall transition outfit!

Buy your tickets to The White Party here.

All photos by Jasmine Fox-Suliaman

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