Style Profile: A Week Inside Lindsay Bodkin’s Closet

One of the fascinating parts of living in a larger city is being able to spot all the different types of looks worn by its residents. The collection of styles you can see walking down the street is as expansive as the hometown of most Coloradians. It can be neutral, nautical, behavioral or situational, all of which depend on the person underneath the material. Colorado has a wide variety of trends that have both practicality and personality, including less suit in the work place and a bigger focus on its everyday use.

303 Magazine got together with a few locals to dig a little deeper into the different ways an outfit can express personal style for their job description as well as the trends that come along with picking out the pieces in their closet. We asked them to come up with a week’s worth of outfits and describe how each works into their style, in and out of the office. The puppy pictures were just for fun.

All photography by Logan Altman


Name: Lindsay Bodkin

Job: Advertising

Random Fact:  She is Kristen Wiig’s Doppleganger, humor and all.

Originally from upstate New York, Lindsay Bodkin made her way to Colorado from Tennessee a little over four years ago. She considers her style to be a mix between comfortable and classy, opting for brands like Forever 21, H&M and her weekend ritual of Goodwill hunting with her husband.

Bodkin’s closet is full of different patterns, materials and shirts that are at least one size too big. When asked why she picks out larger pieces she explained that she doesn’t buy anything that is ill-fitting and distracting in the work place. Between client meetings and work trips, comfort and modesty are the two essential qualities she looks for with her clothes in and out of the office.

Below is a week in the life of an advertising lady and how she works her style for any occasion.

One week of style featuring Lindsay Bodkin

Monday: Maxi Dress


The first day of the week can be rough but Lindsay Bodkin keeps it girly in a maxi dress and simple cardigan to make it office-ready. The lace detail and pattern of the dress both played a huge factor as its flattering silhouette leaves room for waking up and not having to worry about pulling on tight pants after a PJ party weekend.

Tuesday: Slouchy Shirt


Bodkin loves this top for the color and for the fact that she can eat an entire pizza in it if she so desires. Paired with skinny jeans, a staple necklace and heels that she can take off later, she’s both comfortable and ready to get down to business in the boardroom. As a tip, she recommends doing a few yoga stretches to get your jeans ready in the morning.

Wednesday: Jersey Skirt


You don’t have to make an “I can barely move and that slit is too high” pencil skirt work in order to wear a fitted skirt in the office. Bodkin picked out this green jersey option for its overall feel and how well it pairs with a blouse or a tank top. It can be worn with gladiator sandals or heels for a fancier occasion, making it one of the most versatile skirts this side of the slack pant.

Thursday: Flannel


Bodkin calls this her “menswear” look that she loves to pair with skinnies, a girly necklace and booties. A buffalo pattern looks great and when tucked in, creates a put-together outfit that literally works for any day of the year. The thrift store is a great place to find stand-out flannel that has a worn-in look you won’t find in a department store.

Friday: Leather Leggings


For Bodkin, leather leggings work well as an under layer, especially with one of her favorite black tops that is long enough to cover while still leaving room for a little edge. She likes to wear this piece with a tank top for modesty in the office but can easily wear it as-is after work hours.

Saturday: A Pop of Color


This time of year, the weekend is the perfect opportunity to bring out the light and bright colors of your wardrobe. A white pant is a good addition to any closet and still leaves room for a bold top any day of the week. A peplum option is flattering for most figures and works with pants and skirts. She loves this preppy look but still keeps it comfortable with flats.

Sunday: Florals


Florals are great in any woman’s closet, especially a chiffon option. Bodkin loves to keep it feminine in this knee-length skirt with slits, but she adds a casual sweater for a boho feel all summer long. The look is flowy but still creates an element of surprise when tucked in.

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