How to Have a Coloradical Thanksgiving

Every Thanksgiving America celebrates with friends and family to feast in gratitude for what they have been given. It’s always fun, filling and unforgettable.

But what does it take to have a Coloradical Thanksgiving? We asked some Colorado natives what makes Thanksgiving in Colorado the fullest celebration in every way possible. With family, friends, traditions and the great outdoors, we have a lot to to appreciate.



“Every year we deep fry one turkey and bake another. We pull two names out of a hat for who gets the wishbone. Then whoever doesn’t get the good end of the wishbone does the dishes.” – Ashley, Business Professional87498754

Have fun while you’re visiting old friends or meeting new family members. You’re only together for a few short days before the rush back into daily life, so take advantage of your time off. Creating fun games or challenges is a great way to start a new tradition. You can even start by changing your style, or getting a new look for Thanksgiving. Look good, feel good and have fun.





“Play a question game at the table, like sharing your favorite childhood memory. It’s ‘Coloradical’ because as a family you can share great stories and always laugh.” – Allison, Web Design

Maybe it’s time to reenact the story of Thanksgiving like you may or may not have done when you were a child. If you include costumes, you’re doomed to have the most laughs and classic family times.



“There’s no better feeling in the world than crashing on the couch in a turkey coma with your sweatpants on and watching football with the family.” – Holly, PR & Event Manager

Joining in the football festivities Thanksgiving day, cheering for your favorite team or routing for your fantasy players is a perfect way to commemorate America’s favorite pastime. The Bears vs. Lions kick-off at 10:30 a.m., followed by the Eagles vs. Cowboys, and then the Seahawks vs. 49ers. But as for us Broncos fans, we wait until Sunday Nov. 30, when the Broncos play the Chiefs to get real rowdy. To me, this just means the tailgating starts three days early. So join in the drinking festivities, cheers the good people around you, and wish good health to your enemies’ enemies.


Photo Courtesy of Mile High United Way Turkey Trot
Photo Courtesy of Mile High United Way Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot is a great Colorado tradition because the whole family can go out for this run, rain or shine. Even if you’re not taking part in it, you can be on the sidelines cheering. It’s early in the morning so from the crack of dawn until the end of the day you are surrounded by family and friends. You also have the rest of the day to help with the cooking. You just work all day as a team and its a great way to bring back the meaning of Thanksgiving in a modern Coloradan sense. Run your yams off – sign up here to run Thursday morning at Wash Park. This is another way you can battle the holiday hangover and avoid gaining extra pounds.

Photo courtesy Mile High United Way Turkey Trot.
Photo courtesy Mile High United Way Turkey Trot.

“It challenges you physically and prepares you mentally and emotionally for the holiday. After the race you’re exhausted but feel accomplished. You can head home and eat your face off because you did something healthier earlier.” – Renata, Chemistry Educator





“Thanksgiving is all about chicken, pot, pie – my three favorite things.” – Alex, Grad Student

Chicken, pot and pie are all great things but don’t be so basic. Add color to your dishes with carrots, lentils, cauliflower, broccoli and winter squash. Spice up your traditional dishes with a Southwestern flair by using Kachina’s Chef Jeff Bolton’s gourmet side dish recipes for Thanksgiving. If it’s too late for you to start cooking, we have a list of recommendations for where to dine out this Turkey Day.

Food isn’t the only thing locally sourced in Colorado – there’s a grand selection of locally sourced marijuana, too. After legalization the cannabis industry has taken off, scoring a reality TV show The Marijuana Show which features potreprenuers in Colorado. You can view it on Hulu Plus, Youtube or Not sure where and what to smoke? Get the low-down on Colorado Marijuana here.



“While many are away feasting, it is a prime time to hit the slopes. No one is on the mountain.” – Dave, Financial Assistant

Avoid the crowded shopping malls and crazed Black Friday drivers by running for the hills. Several mountain resorts are hosting festive events all weekend long, even though several will be closed on Thanksgiving day. If you’re thinking of Aspen for your mountain getaway,  you must checkout Snowmass’ Thanksjibbing, a skiing/snowboarding freestyle event in Base Village Friday Nov. 28. See invited riders compete for a cash prize in this special rail jam and enjoy additional activities, like a kid bouncy house and a leftovers competition. The Aspen Winternational follows the next two days where the world’s fastest female skiers compete for the FIS Ski World Cup 2014. Watch at the base of Aspen Mountain, Lift 1A and enjoy the Bud Light concert series – free and open to the public.

If you can’t get to the mountains, at least get outside. There’s alway something new to discover. Whatever you choose to do this Thanksgiving, just take a break, relax and make it Coloradical.

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