No, I’m not referring to the (many) times in high school when most of us heard, “You’re grounded for the next three months,” or “Do that again, and you’re grounded,” or in my case, “You’re grounded indefinitely until I say you’re not anymore.”

I’m talking about one of the newest health movements dubbed grounding or Earthing.

Proponents of this grounding concept believe that we as humans have lost our connection to Earth by way of wearing synthetic shoes, living in cities, and walking less in general. When was the last time you sat down in grass? Strolled around town in bare feet (on purpose)? When we lose that connectivity, some believe that we lose our ability to stave illness, increase our body’s level of inflammation, and detach from the natural flow of electrons transmitted from the earth to our being.

Since I happen to be a huge fan of easy fixes, I’d like to introduce you to Pluggz – a company driven to re-connect us to these electrons and get back on our feet toward health and balance.

A while back, a representative of the company contacted me to see if I’d be interested in trying out their shoes for possible review. Yes, please.

I’d heard about this concept of earthing recently, likely from someone in Denver’s yoga community (where, apparently, these shoes are a huge hit). Upon further reading, I learned that Pluggz is on top of the movement with their conductive carbon “plug” found in every shoe, right where we bear the most weight. 303 pluggz IAccording to their website, “[Our] proprietary technology is carefully engineered and designed into the insoles of all shoes to simply conduct the flow of the earth’s electrons into your body every time you take a step on the ground. When this happens, you get grounded effortlessly.”

“Fortunately for humanity, the earth has an inexhaustible amount of electrons stored inside its vault. All we have to do is connect and make direct contact with the earth. This is what Pluggz enables you to do – and fashionably so.”

I chose a pair of their woven flats and started wearing them every day. Despite my (rather loud) inner-skeptic, I have to say – there’s something to these shoes. Yes, they are adorable, but I really started to notice a change while wearing them. Living in the concrete sprawl of the city I tend to be fiercely impatient, but when I have these on I suddenly morph into a super-chill person, without any help from the local dispensaries. At first I thought I was inventing these ideas as a way to justify my desire for human aptitude. But as weeks went by, the consistency of their effects gave me no choice but to declare: We have a winner.

You can find your own pair (I’m not sharing) online through their website or at our very own local Pluggz retailer, Dardano’s on Colorado Boulevard.

All photos courtesy of Pluggz.

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