Washing every makeup brush should be a part of your beauty routine. No questions asked. You know which brushes to use for contouring, highlighting, eye shadow and bronzer but if you don’t clean your brushes regularly you hindering your self from a flawless application.

Say no to a dirty brush! Photo beautyandmakeupmatters.com

Say no to a dirty brush! Photo beautyandmakeupmatters.com

Not washing your makeup brushes can cause makeup, along with dirt and oils to build up in the bristles of each brush. Applying makeup with old brushes can place dirt and residue back on your skin. While cleaning your brushes might seem like a waste of time, skipping this step in your beauty routine can lead to clogged pores and dreaded breakouts. So no more drama; here are the simple steps to cleaning your makeup brushes the right way:


What you’ll need:

Keep your brushes beautiful. photo littlemisssinner.com

Keep your brushes beautiful. photo littlemisssinner.com

Every last dirty brush
A shallow bowl
Baby shampoo
One lint and hair free cloth


Step 1:

Run your brushes under lukewarm water, rinsing out the leftover makeup. Focus on the bristles and don’t flush the water too close to where the bristles meet the handle of your brush. The water can weaken the glue here over time, leaving your brushes to resemble dear Marie Antoinette.

Step 2:

Fill the bowl with lukewarm water and add a squirt of baby shampoo to the mix. Gently swirl the tip of the brush in the water. If it’s been a long time since you last cleaned your brushes, you can swirl the bristles on the palm of your hand to help create lather. Try not to mash the bristles down into your hand as this can cause multiple bristles to fall out all at once.

Step 3:

Rinse the brush under lukewarm water. Repeat Step 2 until the water is clear.


BEAUTY TIP: Many companies sell special soaps and cleansers specifically for cleaning makeup brushes, but if you are a Diva on a budget any gentle clarifying shampoo will work.

Personal fav Johnson's Baby Shampoo photo johnsonbaby.com

Personal fav Johnson’s Baby Shampoo photo johnsonbaby.com

Step 4:

Use a clean cloth to wipe the bristles clean, reshaping them downward as you go. This will help to maintain the original shape and structure of each brush.

Step 5:

Lay your fabulously clean brushes on a clean cloth to dry and viola.  You are ready for the rest of your day.


Cleaning your brushes is simple and easy. Plus, we all know that quality brushes are a bit pricey and cleaning them will help protect your investment. I clean my brushes once a week at night so by the time I wake up, everything is dried and clean. Be sure to make this a staple in your beauty routine.