Fashion Function: Modaperitivo Art Night and Interview with Loredana Venturi

Copyright 2014 Sampson Leung

Join 303 Magazine for a night of fashion, music and the culinary Italian ritual of aperitivo!
Moda is the Italian translation of fashion, while aperitivo is the Italian happy hour consisting of a glass of wine, some prosciutto and parmigiano.

Modaperitivo is an artistic happy hour taking place on Thursday, March 13th from 5-8 pm, offering a sanctuary to socialize with friends and gawk about the showcase of 50+ outfits from local designers on installations at the event.  Cluster Studios is located at 3881 N. Steele St. Unit B Denver, CO 80205.  Make sure to purchase your tickets at Jump of Joy’s website to be a part of this unique art and fashion experience.

Each outfit showcased during Modaperitivo has its own unique artistic identities and creative inspirations.

The designers participating include:

ACIRE by Erica Vallejo

GABRIELA DESIGNS by Gabriela Martinez

GINO VELARDI by Gino Velardi

JUMP OF JOY by Loredana Venturi

LAVENDER ELEPHANT by Abbey Leigh Arabie



SALWA OWENS by Salwa Owens


Modaperitivo hosted by Jump of Joy owner and designer Loredana Venturi, is inspired to showcase designers’ diversities in creation and execution.  The various installations as well as artistic environment and traditional Italian happy hour delicacies, will combine together producing a unique presentation and connection of all local creators and fashion enthusiasts.

I got the chance to work with Loredana before this event and she is an amazing and accomplished woman.  She has acquired the experience one can only dream of, which stems from her artistic upbringing in Europe.  Loredana Venturi shared some philosophies with me:

“Sometimes beauty is a part of your life.  From the beginning, I was surrounded by amazing expressions of art.  Ancient churches and buildings narrated the richness of my native country.  No matter where I was in Italy, either in a small mountain village or the capital city of Rome, I often found something amazing to discover which enriched my sense of beauty.  I have always brought along with me this sense of beauty, starting from my European upbringings and experiences, all the way to the States.

Beauty is not only an expression of balanced shapes but also the capacity to translate your feelings and emotions into reality.

Clothing, as ancient walls enclosing a treasure, can envelop something beautiful inside of you.  A dress can make you feel strong enough to open up a part of you that might have been hidden otherwise or even invite a compliment from a stranger.  I believe that the way you dress shows your true self and can open you up for more human connections and interactions.”

Copyright 2014 Sampson Leung
Copyright 2014 Sampson Leung

Besides Loredana Venturi’s creative insights on fashion and aesthetic beauty, 303 also got the chance to ask her some additional questions about herself and the event.

303: What is your fashion experience and how has it shaped who you are today?

Loredana: I have extensive experience working in Europe for high-end luxury brands such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Gianni Versace and Yves Saint Laurent (Gucci Group), spanning from various sales and merchandising executive roles.  At Zegna, I managed the Gianni Versace “Made to Measure” project, catering particularly to music artists and award nominees.  I have to admit I have had much responsibility for the crazy purple and yellow tuxedos Elton John wore during the early 90’s.

I have also managed the Versace headquarters start-up in Switzerland acting as the first Director of Sales and Customer Service for five Versace collections, directly coordinating dozens of European managers around the country.  That was truly a great time of creativity and satisfaction, as many of my colleagues and friends have advanced their careers in Armani, Gucci, Michael Kors and Guess…I feel proud of our collective achievements.

At Yves Saint Laurent, I managed worldwide customer service matching the French management culture with the stunning Italian styles of Gucci brand to achieve a massive worldwide audience.  That was a delicate yet intriguing time in my career.

I feel very fortunate to have had the chance to work with Gianni Versace, the man, himself.  He has inspired me with his laid-back attitude and grand inner-sense of beauty.  Gianni, a very simple man, was able to merge the vision of fashion as an extra-ordinary showing and representation of art.

Beauty survives all trends and moods to become eternal.  This is my path and my inspiration.  Jump of Joy is now my tool to reach out to people and try to make them feel happy, from the inside.  I respect the diversity of both the maker and the wearer, recognizing the effort that each artisan, pattern maker, photographer and model puts into this project as well as the courage of the woman wearing the piece.  I love to think that there is a place where everybody feels happy, because everybody is extraordinary inside!

303: When did you decide to create your Jump of Joy line?

Loredana: I created Jump of Joy last February 2013.

303: When did you come to the States?

Loredana: For a while, I split my time between Milan and Denver.  Since the beginning of 2014, I have spent more time living in Denver.

303: What do you want people to know about Modaperitivo?

Loredana: Modaperitivo is a unique way to spend your end of the week.  The showcase installation for this event will feature 50+ outfits on mannequins, but we expect to showcase VESPA motorcycles in May and bespoke inflatables (not bouncy castles) in June.  Modaperitivo is an affordable way to interact with arts and fashion.  We want to share this experience with the biggest audience possible, integrating them into every decision and motive for this show.  Good wine and food, as well as signature music, will be a part of this memorable experience.  Social networking through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are encouraged, and will help to share the energy and passion of the night in real time.

303: What can people expect at the event?

Loredana: The list of prestigious local designers include Gabriela Martinez, Gino Velardi, Mona Lucero and Vandalism Designs, just to name a few.  We have very diverse designers participating, bringing with them their own unique artistic expressions and drawing in young people on the fashion scene.  People attending the event can also expect performances from a dramatic band called The Other Black, a soul band of 16 musicians mixing in modern twists.

303: What is next for you and your company?

Loredana: The next step for Jump of Joy is to promote our new format WHEBsale® online shopping, offering retailers low inventory or no inventory.  I want to give a whole new meaning to showrooming.  I also plan for Jump of Joy stores to emerge.  Modaperitivo is something which largely replicates the concept of interactive spaces, where people can enjoy the experience of seeing, touching and smelling their creative environment.


You must be 21+ to attend.

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