The fall air was crisp on the Saturday morning of October 5th, 2013.  The scene was a radical CrossFit-like obstacle course set-up around the parking area of Sports Authority Field.  The task was to complete five WODs (Workout of Day) and run 2 miles, with the fastest time taking the bragging rights in each category (Male/Male, Male/Female, and Female/Female).  Sounds easy enough, right?


You also have to be strapped to your partner with an elastic-type ankle bracelet that resembles the chain gangs in jail creating effectively a three legged race.  I guess I should have read that point on the website because I picked a taller partner that had a different running stride.  After we got over the shock of this point, we looked at the WOD board that would explain the torture of the race.

1st WOD – 50 Kettlebell Swings Overhead and 50 Burpees (done together)

This first WOD tested our cardio right off the bat.  The Kettlebell Swings could be shared by partners so we handled that very easily but the burpees were a battle.  To get to the next WOD, you had to run 1 mile.

2nd WOD – Water Jug Carry

Probably the easiest looking WOD but tough when you are strapped to a partner.  You had to carry the water jug 200 yards however the team seen fit.

3rd WOD – 30-20-10 Deadlifts and Bar Jumps

For most of the teams, this WOD probably looked the most difficult.  For two meatheads, deadlifts are a way of life.  The bar jumps ended up being the hardest part because we couldn’t get in a groove with the turns that you needed to do while connected by the ankle.

4th WOD – 100 Power Jump Ropes

 I will be 100% honest with my readers on this one and that I did not participate in this WOD.  For good reason, I had to use the restroom (due to a mistimed stimulant preworkout) and my partner didn’t want our time to suffer (organizers were nice enough to let us out of the ankle straps before I went in restroom).  He blasted through that WOD and we moved on to the next mile run.

5th WOD – 21-15-9 Pull-ups and Ball Slams

This was probably the biggest strategy WOD as you weren’t connected to your partner anymore and you could share reps.  We decided to spilt the pull-ups up but I did all the ball slams because I didn’t help on the 4th WOD.

1380136_701602516519181_926379603_nOverall, our team finished in the middle of the pack with a time around 40 minutes.  Both of us had never competed in a CrossFit style race so we were happy with our output.  We enjoyed the free beer after the race with some friends and fellow competitors and went home sore and licking our battle wounds.

As for the organization and efficiency of the race, it was ran very well for the uniqueness and complexity of the event.  They had ample volunteers and event organizers to help give information or explain rules at the different station.  The course was marked adequately and they provided ample drinking stations for athletes.  The biggest strength they provided were enough restrooms for both the athletes and spectators.  If you have been to many races you know that that point is usually overlooked by the organizers.  Finally, it was the inaugural race in the first city of 12 so small mistakes were to be expected and I am sure they will learn from each event in the future.