I hope my readers won’t judge me but I missed my comfort zone.  It wasn’t until I got into the culture of e3 Fitness though that I truly felt at home.  Not only do they focus on high intensity training techniques (that I love) but they also promote a strong community through charity (a strong passion of mine).  Additionally, the gym’s mission statement is to “create fitness leaders who inspire positive, healthy lifestyles” so you know they eat, sleep, and breathe what they preach.

What you will also find unique about e3 Fitness is that it is above a crossfit affiliate on South Broadway.  If you aren’t in the fitness industry you probably don’t understand how detrimental this fact could be from a competitive market vantage.  Not only is e3 Fitness surviving, but they are thriving in the space by creating a culture that is unmatched in the Denver market.

Stepping foot in the facility the first day, I was greeted not by the staff first, but by some of the students that wanted to welcome a new face.  I was taken aback by this act as most of the time you view fellow gym goers as competition (or at least I do).  Due to the small group nature of the classes, the students end up being your teammates to push you past your limits.  Being in management for years, the single hardest thing to do is build a culture how you envision it and for it to run effectively even when you are not present.  From the e3 fitness website you can see my experience was formed through the culture and not an act, “fitness at e3 means lifestyle, change, focus, and impact.  It means creating an environment where we can flex our muscles with purpose.  The e3 Community operates this way.  While we drive to accomplish our personal goals with gusto, we see our peers accomplish their goals with that same fervor.  Working in a group-format strengthens this bond.  When the gym itself becomes too small for this energy, we take our passion on the road.  Supporting local charities, sponsoring races and fitness events, and affecting change in the lives of our members and their communities gives e3 its pulse.  e3 aims to expand abilities, understanding, and success in fitness for each member, new and veteran.”

400932_10151105575539537_204305347_nAs for the workouts, they follow a “push/pull” circuit style training that pushes you to keep your heart rate elevated throughout the 45 minutes of exercises.  They track this, like a previous gym I visited, using the MyZone system.  Additionally, e3 Fitness provides unique 30-minute classes that students can attend between the “push/pull” circuit days that they attend.  Finally, e3 Fitness tracks individual improvements (outside of MyZone metrics) by having a quarterly fit test for all students.  This is where the trainers can see where the major improvements lie within the individual to achieve their stated goals.   

Overall, my experience at e3 Fitness was amazing.  From the owners, to the trainers, to the students, it just felt like home.

E3 Fitness is located off Broadway and 2nd Street in the Baker District.