Event Horizon: Titwrench Fest Celebrates 5 Years in Denver

1235957_10152144748483066_1597773800_nNow that Labor Day Weekend has come and gone, we must accept the fact that summer is ending and fall is upon us. So what better way to greet the changing of the seasons than by checking out a different venue and lots of awesome new musicians this weekend at the mile-high city’s own Titwrench Fest.

Haven’t heard of this crazily named festival yet? Don’t worry, that’s probably just because there are no big promoters flooding your social media with invites or flyering street corners with information about it. The idea behind the festival is DIY and aimed more at audience engagement and involvement rather than taking your money, throwing acts on stage that you’ve all seen a million times and running off before you realize what hit you. The ladies (and lady-loving gentlemen) behind this feminist art and music collective are more about building a community for underrepresented artists and connecting these artists with audiences to create a more memorable and meaningful concert experience.

Titwrench Fest  is celebrating it’s fifth year in Denver and is running today through Saturday at GLOB Denver and will also be holding a few daytime workshops at Mercury Lounge and Rhino. The three day festival will feature music, art, film, discussions, workshops, and yoga. Best of all, tickets are priced at a sliding scale that runs from $5 to $25 a day so if you’re pressed for cash, this is a great way to get out and just give whatever you can to support some seriously rockin’ artists from near and far.

Get your tickets here or just show up and pay what you can!

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