The picturesque six-pack—an aesthetic asset that puts the emphasis on sex appeal. Developing the upper abdominal is the elementary part. It is the training of the lower abs that has proven to be challenging.  But why and how can one reach the pinnacle of abdominal artistry?

To put it plainly, the “lower abs” are not an actual muscle in-and-of-themselves—they are the connective region of the bottom portion of the rectus abdominis and the lower external oblique muscles.

There is no reason to be dismayed, for there are target-specific exercises to achieve that eye catching v-cut and lower abs. Before delving into the three target-specific exercises that will be shown, be advised.  Participants must dedicate to burning off belly fat. Even if you work the abdominals when a layer of fat resides, the abs will not be visible.  As much as I deplore preaching platitudes—complex carbs, sugar, and stress are the primary contributors to belly fat. The best way to evade this plight is a low-sugar, simple carb, and lean protein diet—accompanied with cardio.

Three abs defining routines (click on the links below for a video demonstration):

  1. Captain’s Chair
  2. Pulse Ups
  3. Ball Leg Raises