Vacationing in the Bay Area is so liberating that even a date at The View in the Marriot Marquis Hotel cannot distract from inspiration. The View has one of the most spectacThe Viewular glimpses of the city, contributed undeniably to its cloud level height. Breathtaking effects are displayed by fog rolling in from the Bay at sunset, engulfing the Mediterranean inspired structure of San Francisco. 

Gazing out the panoramic of the city I contemplated on the immensity. With such a copious amount of space and faces it is fairly shocking that two people are able to make a connection.

What catalyzes this serendipity?

Though, I may not apprehend the forces that drive the universe, I am able to apply some logic to the matter. One pivotal aspect is “putting yourself out there.” This requires both a physical and mental presence.

How can a person exude this presence?

Denver may not be as vast as San Francisco, but there is still quite a bit of square footage and inhabitants. Living in a city has its pros and cons to matters of the heart. The city can be advantageous in the premise of options, but inconvenient when it comes to slowing down and sorting them out.

“Putting yourself out there” can be distressing, especially if you are prone to being diffident.

Let us begin with the basic pointers:

  • Break Routines: Venture off to new joints—grocery stores, coffee shops, fitness centers, and happy hour stops—different locations assemble diverse people.
  • Linger: Allow yourself to meander around—do not be in such a rush—it portrays the image you are too busy for anything new to enter your life.
  • Be Open: Do not occupy all of your sense eyes, ears, taste buds, and hands—if you appear consumed with music, texting eating or work—it signals you do not wish to be bothered.
  • Examine: Gander at you surroundings—making the gesture your are looking—you never know who whose eye you may catch or who might capture yours.

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My appraised location for a laidback opportunity to “put yourself out there” is a coffee parlour. Coffee houses favor an air of little expectations, simply a comfortable common space.

Speaking of a common space, Common Grounds Coffeehouse located 1550 17th Street is an exemplary place to assay. It attracts a broad array of clientele—from urbanites, hipsters, and cosmopolitans, to business professionals—giving you more to sample than there are flavors in coffee.  


Advice from your confidant: Exude an open presence–create new opportunities–portray an open heart and open mind through your actions.