Love Guru: You Can Do Magic

The cynics will say that there is no real magic in the world, that everything is explainable. The romantics will see magic and mystery in everything possible, often as a lovely misguided way to 165487945avoid reality. But in the middle, yes there is magic in the world, in life and in us. Further, there are conscious ways to grow the amount of magic in your life, and there are simple and definable steps to doing so. I have practiced, taught and measured them and so speak from many years experience on my behalf and on the behalf of many other people. Magic and miracles are, when we get down to it, just unreasonable results. So if you want more magic and miracles in your life, be more unreasonable: i.e. let your heart (passion, love) make the choice, not your mind (reason).

Starting now we are going to be dazzled and excited all summer with what I am calling The Summer of Magic. This summer starting now, there are energies afoot in the sky that I can best describe as opening portals in our lives and in the world, whereby the effort n time it takes to actually manifest what we want is greatly shortened.

Understand how life works: we hold a vision of what we want and if we put energy and intention into it, over time, we will attract it (IF it really i in our best interests. Otherwise our higher Self will divert it.) The amount of time and intention that takes is, let’s say, 40 units. Well for this Summer of Magic it will take 10 units or maybe 20 or even 30 but not 40, oh no.

We will be dazzled at times a just how little time it takes. We night mention someone’s name and a minute later they call us, or tell a friend how much we’d love to see a show and are given tickets.

This summer it takes less effort and less time to create the magic and miracle we want in our life so140048044 focus on what you really want, ask for what really matters. The Universe is giving us all a spectacular “light show” of magic to show us that magic really lives in our world, in our reality and in our consciousness so we will dissolve our cynicism and bitterness and be much more in the realm of life being wonderful, something to be reveled in and celebrated.

The Universe also wants us to have an opportunity for Magic and Miracles to be easier so that we will practice and be good at creating them, then hopefully many more people will bring their attention to creating positive magic in the world, to solving problems more quickly, to bringing like-minded people of good will together as powerful magicians to create new possibilities for everyone to step into.

This summer, everything changes. Be the change you want in the world.

  •   Gregory Charles


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WEB photo ME -> R copyAustralian Gregory Charles is an astrologer, a personal growth and spiritual leader and alternative healer who has appeared in the national media in many countries (MTV, Good Morning America, BBC). His astrology clients have included Dr. Hunter S. Thompson and Carmen Electra. He has delivered sex and relationship seminars to tens of thousands of people around the world and lectured at UCLA and the LSE. 


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