Artist G Cody Day.

Tomorrow is the third Friday of the month and you know what that means: (No, not the end of the world.) It’s “Preview Night” down at the Art District on Santa Fe and that means the art galleries will be opening their doors freely and showcasing some of their newest exhibits from their featured artists.

While lots of unique and diverse talent will surely be on display tomorrow night, one gallery in particular has a promising show lined up.

SYNC Gallery brings two new exhibits to its studio, “Imagination .01” and “Glory of Garden,” to showcase the artwork of its two newest members, G Cody Day and Young Hee Back.

“Imagination .01” is Day’s first installment of his exploration into surreal form suspended in an ethereal void. Drawing his inspiration from landscapes, people, and his own experiences, he offers a different perspective by moving beyond the physical element and painting the dance of energy he sees beneath the surface of everything.

“Breaking the Horizon” by G Cody Day. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Combining different textures with vibrant colors, he shares his vision of these “energyscapes.”

“What I’m interested in,” says Day, “is not what you see when looking at a landscape, but what you see and feel when you close your eyes after looking at it. I want the viewer to see common things in an uncommon way.”

Born and raised in Boulder, CO, he admits some of his inspiration comes from his time spent camping in the mountains and desert. However, much of his work still comes straight from his own mind and invites the viewer to explore far-off worlds.

Artist Young Hee Back.

Day will return to SYNC Gallery in April to exhibit all-new work at his first full show during the First Friday Art Walk.

The other half of the studio is dedicated to Young Hee Back’s “Glory of Garden” exhibit.In her paintings, Back explores the theme of spirit and nature. By observing the harmony between humanity and nature, she hopes to share her thoughts and emotions with the viewer.

Originally from Seoul, Korea, Back moved to Colorado at an early age and has always been passionate about drawing and painting. Her career as an artist has flourished since her move and she has displayed her work alongside many great artists, including Tadashi Hayakawa.

And rightly so – her exploration of spirit and nature parallels much of their work. Using warm colors and soft textures, she creates a harmonious feel to her work that feels organic yet remains abstract.

Back will return to SYNC Gallery in February for her featured solo show and reception.

This unique pairing of artists has all the makings of a great show. Although their styles are worlds apart, each artist explores similar themes, meaning their work naturally compliments each other.

SYNC Gallery is located at 878 – 1 Santa Fe Drive, on the corner of Santa Fe and 9th Ave. Tomorrow night’s exhibit will be open from 6 – 9 p.m.