With expertise, distinction and panache – one can hardly go unnoticed in Denver’s burgeoning food and wine scene.  It seems as though Ben Parsons, Englishman turned Colorado wine connoisseur, can’t stay out of the spotlight.  Four years ago and after a decade of winemaking, he founded Denver’s alternative wine label:  The Infinite Monkey Theorem.  Achieving a list of premium quality varietals and blends from an unassuming vineyard in Palisade and a winery here in our fresh RiNo district, Parson’s brand has international attention.  As he globe trots we’ll continue “product testing” by dining at local fixtures such as Table 6, reaping the benefits by the glass.

Why he’s fly:  Parsons can call 3 nations home, each on different continents.  His accent caught me off guard, a melodic combination of British and Australian inflections.  Jeans are standard, and he sports bright yellow kicks.  I met him at him at the IMT headquarters, a relaxed winery (tap room in progress) meets office meets warehouse.  Pups roamed free as bottles were capped and music filled the generous space.  Needless to say, it was an enjoyable Friday morning.

Favorite destinations, near and far:  An excursionist by nature, Parsons and his wife enjoy hiking.  They’ll head to Aspen for a leisurely jaunt or to Durango, where they lived previously.  For domestic travel he votes New York City, “I have a soft spot for New York.  I like it.  It kind of reminds me of London.”  Parsons spent two years traveling the world after obtaining his undergraduate degree, so asking him to choose a favorite international destination was simply unfair.  He discussed priorities and a vacation from 2010 during the World Cup, “If I was looking for a little culture, food and wine, and a different language, then it would be somewhere in Europe.  Probably France… two years ago we went to Toulouse and rented a canal boat.  You could stop anywhere you wanted and moore up for the night, cycle into a little village – dine and come back, crack open some champagne.”

One suitcase essential:  “I’ve never really thought about that.  I guess my phone, that’s about it really.  Something to swim in.”  Why not slip a few cans of IMT wine into your checked bag?  Parsons implemented a slim and compact aluminum can of wine into the lineup last year – ideal for skiing, camping, even lounging poolside.

A travel tip:  Parsons suggests for travelers not to get overwhelmed by the experience.   When faced with a language barrier or cultural differences, it’s important he says, to “roll with it.”  “When you’re in Fiji you’re on their time.  Your time is completely irrelevant.” This acquired flexibility and patience complements his line of work, as winemaking operates on a three-month harvest rotation.

Even in the midst of distribution deals in Hong Kong and other various cities, Parsons stays focused and planted here.  When talking over the natural progression of his business and lifestyle, he says, “It’s been kind of fortuitious in many ways.  I never thought I would stay in Colorado but I ended up, you know, kind of becoming enamored with the state.  So I stayed.”  Our palates agree with your choice of residence, especially when graced with the Malbec.

Thanks, Ben.