A cozy Fall look via moleempire.com

Trying to catch the rain in Denver

One of my few complaints about life in this great city is the weather.  I’m a girl who likes the soundtrack provided by a rainy day.   I like to listen to the gentle slap of water against the windows and bricks on the side of my house, to feel the scratchy warmth of my favorite vintage wool blanket around my shoulders  as I fall into a good, long book with dinner no concern as it cozily scents the air, gently simmering in the crock pot.  This is a pleasure Denver rarely affords me.  So many times, I’ve seen the clouds roll in and the day turn gray as my ears tuned to the pattering of rain

A vintage Starter jacket over a classic white button down via thebestfashionblog.com

hitting the streets, but by the time I’ve grabbed my book and tugged at my old plaid blanket, the rain has stopped, the sun is peeking from between the clouds and, for good measure, a jogger runs by, barely damp.  Followed by a bicycylist.  And a skateboarder.  Welcome to another fall day in  Denver.  Maybe I should take a  walk.  And light the grill.



Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes (seaofshoes.com) in a customized vintage sweatshirt that she sourced from a Texas thrift store and modified by removing the sleeves.

Keeping pace with Denver’s ever-changing Autumn weather

When it comes to dressing for autumn, Denver gives us plenty of opportunities to wear and have whatever we want.  In fact, the climate encourages it.  Sunny hikes in cutoffs and a sweater.  Rain speckled walks to get coffee while wrapped in a vintage trench coat.  Brunch on the patio in a tank top.  Denver’s highly changeable weather, moving from warm to cold or cool to hot swiftly and frequently in the course of one day, calls for us to be prepared to add or remove layers at any time.

This fall, think classic when sourcing layering pieces.  Check out local thrift stores and consignment shops to look for pre-loved pieces at great prices.  Go for a nubby shawl collar sweater with thick wooden buttons or a creamy oversized cable knit sweater, a preppy oversized blazer paired with fitted but broken in jeans, brown leather boots to the knee over the same jeans or under a preppy, schoolgirl inspired dress or skirt.   For the guys out there, vintage letterman jackets and classic menswear inspired looks are right on for fall, and can keep you warm and stylish while you walk Denver’s streets this fall.  Guys and gals, keep your eye out for Ivy League-inspired loafers, slouchy knit or newsboy caps or widebrimmed short fur or felt vintage hats.  The options are endless.   If you need more visual inspiration, look to the collections of designers like Ralph Lauren and Altuzarra, who channeled classic menswear styling for Fall and Winter 2012, then source similar pieces at local

Stylist and designer Stephen Young of Stephen Style.com in easy fall layers

secondhand stores.

Stylish classics adorn the racks of secondhand stores all over Denver.  Take advantage of one of our many sunny fall days

and go find your new favorite piece today.  Seek out those cozy layers and moisture wicking wool gems because I don’t

know about you, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for a rainy autumn.

Want to see more vintage inspired and vintage fall fashions?  Stop by Wishlist Vintage on Facebook or stop by Wishlist Vintageon S. Broadway.

Altuzzara, Fall 2012 via vogue.com

Ralph Lauren, Fall 2012 via StyleBistro.com




















Anna Newell-Jones of And Then She Saved (andthenshesaved.com) transitions from summer to fall in a Wishlist Vintage cashmere sweater while visiting the Wishlist Vintage Showroom. (http://andthenwesaved.com/how-to-transition-summer-clothes-into-fall/)









Fall Street Style via glamour.com.  This classic pencil skirt can be easily sourced in cotton, wool or leather.  Think vintage when sourcing and you can likely find an endless variety of options at budget-friendly prices.









Poppy Delavigne in the streets of London, Fall 2012. Poppy’s trench coat is a timeless silhouette that can be sourced all over the city.














On the runway at Gaultier, Fall/ Winter 2012 (cia thebestfashionblog.com)