Image courtesy of Tails n Things

Summer means hot dogs- in more ways than one. Tails n Things Pet Supplies recently released their Staff Picks List for Summer 2012, featuring a collection of dog accessories and products perfect for beating the heat.

If you’re wearing shades, why shouldn’t your dog look just as cool? Doggles Dog Goggles provide 100% UV protection for pups’ eyes. The shatterproof anti-fog lenses are perfect for playing fetch in the water. Not only will your dog look too cool for the pool, but also Doggles will protect eyes from wind and foreign objects when riding in the car.

After a long day spent hiking or at the dog park, things can get pretty muddy, which is why the K9 Shower is the summer must-have for outdoorsy dogs. Using gravity to deliver 2.2 gallons of warm, pressurized water, the K9 Shower allows your dog to get

Image courtesy of Tails n Things

clean virtually anywhere. Simply fill the tank with warm or hot water (the shower tank will keep the water warm for hours) and attach to a car window or the mounting bracket provided; then just shower away the dirt. Surely your pooch will appreciate the K9 Shower over icy hose water.

Staying hydrated can be difficult during exciting outings away from home, especially when you’re a dog. The Water Rover is the ideal hydration station for your dog this summer.

Sold in 5 different sizes varying from eight to 55 ounces, the Water Rover is a water bottle attached to a dog bowl. Uncork the bottle and lay it on its side, and the bowl will fill up for your dog to drink from without overflowing. When its time to pack up, extra water goes back into the bottle, and its on to the next adventure.