As I wrote last week, we’re in a period of dark days for the medical marijuana movement. President Obama’s war on pot is now worse than the Bush administration’s. Tim Dickerson filed a detailed report for Rolling Stone on the White House’s recent about-face on this issue, in which he wrote:

“In January 2011, weeks after [Michele] Leonhart was confirmed [as DEA head], her agency updated a paper called ‘The DEA Position on Marijuana.’ With subject headings like THE FALLACY OF MARIJUANA FOR MEDICINAL USE and SMOKED MARIJUANA IS NOT MEDICINE, the paper simply regurgitated the Bush administration’s ideological stance, in an attempt to walk back the Ogden memo. Sounding like Glenn Beck, the DEA even blamed ‘George Soros’ and ‘a few billionaires, not broad grassroots support’ for sustaining the medical-marijuana movement – even though polls show that 70 percent of Americans approve of medical pot.”

But a growing coalition here in Colorado plans to respond to these actions. The Patient Voter Project is a joint effort by a number of pro-marijuana groups, including Sensible Colorado, the Marijuana Policy Project, and NORML. Opposing Views reports the coalition has “a combined reach in Colorado of more than 40,000 online supporters.” Their goal, they say, is simple: “We want the Obama administration to end its attacks on legitimate and legal providers of medical marijuana and to trust the state of Colorado to regulate the industry in a thorough and competent manner, as it has done already.”

The project is apparently an awareness campaign seeking to alert Colorado voters of Obama’s apparent hypocrisy surrounding the medical marijuana issue. Visitors to the website are offered a subscription to the coalition’s e-mail list for updates about “the Obama administration’s actions in Colorado.” Also available is an automated form to send a pre-written letter informing supporters’ friends and family of the “recent attacks on medical marijuana providers in Colorado.”

Though their website carries no direct references to political action, the coalition will be involved in protests and rallies. As Westword reports, the group came together outside of Obama’s campaign headquarters here in Denver on Thursday to make their voices heard. Expect them to make more demonstrations around the state as the general election in November approaches.

Austin Wulf is a freelance writer and cannabis activist. Read more of his THC-infused coverage of the pot industry. Want more updates? Follow @Cannabytes303 on Twitter.

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