Makeup Breakdown: Cleanliness is…

We’ve all done it. We’ve all crashed into bed after a long night on the town without taking off our face only to wake with said face staring back at us from our pillow. Not a pretty sight at all! Then you blame the big red zit that is in love with your nose, on the Snickers bar you ate last Tuesday… Well, that possibly could add to it, but that makeup you slept in didn’t just ruin your pillowcase, it also causes a heap of trouble on your face. Not only zits, but wrinkles! Photoshop can fix both, but unless you are Madonna, I’m guessing you don’t have a Photoshop expert on staff to make sure you look flawless 24/7, or until TMZ… or in your case your aunt with her new point ‘n’ Click xmas present, catch you in a candid moment. Also, just splashing your face with soap and water isn’t going to get you anything other than dirty towels and slightly less dirty pillowcases! What you’re looking for is a two step process.

Step 1: Remove the makeup – This may seem straight-forward enough, but without something that actually works, and works well, you’ll never get that makeup to completely come off. This can come in the form of a dedicated makeup remover that you can pick up at any drugstore. My personal preference is to keep the possible irritants to a minimum. If you’re the same way, then there are a few solutions that I would recommend. Plain ol’ olive oil or EVOO, as Rachel Ray would put it, works great on waterproof makeup and can be found in many makeup removers like cleansing oils which are a staple in Asia. I find that just the olive oil alone works just as well. We have a dedicated bottle of olive oil (bought at a grocery store) in our bathroom at home as I use it for makeup remover and my husband uses it as shaving cream, of which he swears by, as he can shave in the shower and keep his face under the hot water, reducing his razor burn from looking like a horrific suicide attempt to none at all! Truly this stuff is a wonder liquid and we swear by it like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding swore by Windex. Alternatively you can use Jane Iredale’s Magic Mitt. This little product works wonders!

Step 2: Skincare – So you’ve removed the makeup, but now you have to make your skin happy. If you have a skin regime then continue with that, but I recommend Sanitas products. They have a whole range of products that contain active, biogenic, paraben-free and preservative-free ingredients in highly concentrated dosages that stimulate and nourish the skin. The end result is healthy, beautiful skin.

Now you can jump into bed… as long as you have a big glass of water to take with you. Hydration is paramount in keeping your skin, and your body, healthy. This goes double if you just came home from a night on the town.
So as you relax into your clean pillowcase with a fresh, ready for the morning face, I’ll leave you with this photoshoot by Paolo Roversi with Sasha Pivovarova for Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Campaign, to illustrate my point.

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