A tree made from mags made from trees

Orange peel will never be white collar. Yes, I refer to my alter-ego in the third person sometimes. Orange peel is one of my stage names, in case you’re curious. While I have occasionally operated part-time in an office environment–most recently as Managing Editor for a nightlife mag–I don’t think I could ever stomach being a working stiff nine to five, 40 hours a week (or more). My monkey suit of choice has faux fur on it–I don it to deliver gorilla (and guerrilla) singing telegrams. Still, I appreciate that my current masthead has a sweet new office. I mostly laptop at home in my Fruit of the Looms, but it’s nice having access to a conference room if I need one.

Cluster Studios, 303’s new digs, is a multi-purpose space. I’ve performed for both a fashion show and a rave there in the past. Last year’s Music Issue interview with DJ Mu$a was also conducted at his Cluster-based studio.

“Cluster is where entrepreneurs and creatives of all disciplines crystallize for artistic expression,” explains Cluster’s Michael Vargas.

This Saturday, December 18, we’re having a housewarming slash holiday party. Staff, friends, family and clients will enjoy hors d’oeurves, an open bar and a Santa photo booth from 8 to 10 pm. After that, anyone who coughs up ten bucks is welcome to join us for house music from local four-on-the-floor aficionados Ejay, Isaac H., Uriah West, Brick Lee, Travis Press and Khalib.

Happy holidaze:)