Health Bent: Kombucha–Come Back!

oh how I miss thee

Fridays are all about fashion and, now, fitness too here at 303. So let me begin with something, or lack thereof,  that has me a bit perturbed to say the least. For the better part of 2010 I’ve spent my days anxiously awaiting the opening of a cold, refreshing bottle of GT’s Synergy brand Kombucha. I’ve made secret emergency trips to Whole Foods for a citrus Kombucha, having told my husband I was going to the ATM to avoid admitting my addiction. I know I’m not alone in my love for “the mother” and the tangy, vinegar-y taste Kombucha leaves in your mouth. Michael, one of two guys in the recent 303 Style page of our Design Issue, loves the ‘buch too. I’ve noticed Bethenny Frankel drank it throughout her pregnancy on her show, bethenny Getting Married?.

Long story short, as of about a month ago, Kombucha went off the shelves for some ridiculous reason having to do with it’s alcohol content (which has me wondering was pregnant Bethenny imbibing with baby on board?). Read all about it and you’ll learn this tragic disappearance is over some nonsense about the alcohol content increasing to over .5% after being shipped and thus causing labeling issues (apparently LiLo loves the stuff too). Whatever. All I know is that I cannot find it anywhere and therefore have been attempting, and so far unsuccessfully so, to fill my Kombucha void.

What have I discovered so far?

mor beverage: Props to this drink being locally produced, but I can’t say much for the flavor. It’s basically a glorified Red Bull, and who drinks Red Bull in the morning? Kombucha is delicious in the morning, and every other time of day.

mor or less blah

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar Drink: Supposedly filled to the brim with health benefits, including aiding weight loss, this product is attempting to replace Kombucha and is falling short, real short. It is just plain nasty. I purchased the Concord Grape Acai drink when Kombucha first went missing, and promptly puckered my pout and almost spit out this concoction. I do not recommend.

not your average apple cider

So all I am left with is my trusty Vitamin Water Zero and good old H2O, as well as, the hope that Kombucha finds its way back to the shelves soon, very soon. Withdrawal has set in and I do not like it.


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