Life’s a Drag: The Rearview Mirror of History

It’s Venus Starshine, and I’m ready to let you have it, honey!  I’m going to be serving you a history lesson today!  You better learn and learn it well!!!  When caveman first took that bone and wrapped it up in his hair like he was Pebbles Flinstone, Drag was born.  From the small stage to the the great white way, from the small screen to the big screen, Queens are EVERYWHERE!!!!  Paris was burning with the Moulin Rouge at the turn of the century and La Cage aux Folles is hitting Broadway today.

On the silver screen we had the famous Viktor und Vikroia early cinema of 1930’s Berlin, “Some like it Hot”in the

Nina Flowers

50’s, “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” in the 90’s, and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” for the new millennium.  On the small screen, we had The “Milton Berle Show”, and Dame Edna which led the way for “The Rupaul Show” (VH1), “Rupaul’s Drag Race” and the soon-to-air “Rupaul’s Drag U”.  I do have to say that without the cabaret and nightclub acts, none of these stage acts, movies, or TV shows would even be a thought!  Drag emerges from the trenches of cabaret.  That’s where all the talent is cultivated. “Tranny Shack” at The Stud in San Francisco, Lucky Chang’s NYC and now Denver’s own Nina Flowers creation “Drama Drag” at Tracks Denver …. THAT’S WHERE IT’S AT HONEY!!  We have come a long way baby!!

Female and Male illusionists are gaining even more momentum towards being accepted artists.  It’s not easy tricking the eye, gurl!  It takes time and a lot of imagination.  Some

will throw on some lipstick and a wig and call it done.  That’s fine and all, but then there are those that shave, tweeze, wax, snatch, tuck, tape, pull, pad, paint, strap, bind, flatten, plump, glue… child, I’m getting dizzy thinking about it!!!  With all this expertise you know some of those tricks can help an everyday lady, or fellow out.  I’ll be interviewing some illusionists to find out what tricks…er uh tools…er uh MAGIC they have up their sleeves.  Until then my draglings, You know LIFE’S A DRAG!  Auf wiedersehen!!!

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert-1994

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