My girlfriends think I am way too picky when it comes to men. I would not disagree with that statement, however I just know what I want and certainly what I do not want. My girlfriends also give me shit because they think my LIST of requirements in a partner are absurd and are sometimes a tad impractical. Again, I wouldn’t disagree.  For example, one of my requirements is that men I date shine their shoes. Crazy? I don’t know. Practical and mature, yes! Even the wonderful Johnny Cash knew what’s up, “It only costs a dime, just a nickel a shoe, does a million dollars worth of good for you” Get rhythm? Get your shoes shined.

Shining your shoes might be a ridiculous prerequisite for dating me but someone needs to bring this back so I am doing my part, when I finish this attempt I will move on to shoehorns. Until then, lets talk polish. For about 5 dollars you can buy shoe polish that transforms your over-worn, scuffed leather shoes into shinny, brand new looking kicks that could possibly get you a date.

Product of the Week: Kiwi Shoe Polish, can form and sponge form.

I have a lot of cordovan colored shoes (sort of a maroon color) and found Kiwi’s can of polish in cordovan at Walgreens along with the Express Shine Sponge for black shoes. The sponge is a quick and easy way to shine your shoes on the run, you can do it in under 30 seconds. The can of polish requires more time but with a better outcome, just dab a small amount onto a cloth and shine away those very unattractive scuff marks.

Whether you have black, brown or cordovan leather shoes there is a shoe polish for you. Shoe cream is also a wonderful product to withstand the lifespan of your shoes, it keeps the leather moist and the original color last longer.