Long, long ago…well rather only a few weeks ago in an old blog post, this member of the Odd Couple expressed sex feature frustrations. Well now that the feature is nearly complete , the pressure and stress are slightly alleviated, I find myself more open to discussions and water cooler chats about sex. Recently, while thumbing through Details, I came across an article that reminded me of an early idea for the sex feature.

Way back when the creative wheels for the feature, made their first few turns, The Odd Couple sat together discussing the complexities, dangers and fascination of using the internet (Craigslist, Adult Friend Finder) and other various media to locate sex. It to this day still baffles me, how can you trust the person on the other end if you’ve never met them until the time of bump n’ grind? The idea fathoms me, but yet there are still hundreds that log on everyday and do just that.

Seeking Men for Men or Men for Women

So thumbing through my magazine a few days ago, I stumbled upon Gay 3.0. It begins with the story of Jared (obviously not his real name), a man who found himself locked out of his apartment with only a few minutes to spare while he waited for the arrival of his landlord. In the meantime, he loaded his new Iphone application “Grindr“. Grindr is an application that helps gay men connect with other gay men in the area, what you choose to do from then on is your choice. Well Jared wanted to really connect and within minutes found a hot guy in the area and hooked up in a nearby courtyard…Thank you Grindr!

For Jared, it didn’t matter that this boy was a complete stranger or that until that day the two had never shared anything together, all that mattered was that Jared needed his man parts satisfied and HOT GUY was only 602 feet away looking for the same thing.

So it got me thinking, could I ever allow myself to make the same choice? Could I ever experience an act so carnal and personal with a complete and total stranger (when I say complete, I mean you haven’t even shared a few drinks before bumping bagels or playing hide the pickle)?

To answer the question, I downloaded the application, created a fake profile (complete with a slightly sexy photo) and waited for people to try and “connect” with me. Bing, Bing, Bing…in only a few minutes I had five new messages. Some were innocent “Hi” or “Hey” but others got straight to the point, “145 lbs, 7inches cut, top, ddf, neg…you?”…well damn. Being the mischievious guy that I am, I took some of the more attractive options and just toyed with them for a minute. How far were these guys willing to go? All the way thats how far. After only a few hours on and off the application I had recieved more nude photos and invitations for sex than ever before.

In the end, the application wasn’t my style. I’m a get to know you gay, who enjoys sharing those dirty moments with someone that’s earned it (at the very least they need to feed me). I’m not putting down the guys and girls out there that use Grindr or Craigslist or any other tool out there helping stimulate random sex. My only is advice is be safe and smart. The last thing anyone wants to end up with a nasty STD they have to explain to their future partners, or in a worst case scenario they can’t explain anything because they were killed by a complete stranger…(sad day).

Like the commercial says, “I’m not gonna be like that guy” (sure the commercials about meth, but I think it still applies). Do you want to be like this guy?

"I'm not gonna be like that guy."

See…(again, sad day)