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I don’t shower every day. Call me unhygienic, call me a euro-wannabe or maybe even, and hopefully, an environmentalist. The truth is, I’m lazy, bottom line. I just do not have the time or patience to do the whole ‘getting ready’ routine every morning. It really is exhausting; from showering to the application of lotion and makeup. And, of course you can’t forget about the wet hair you have to deal with: blow drying, straightening, curling. Really, why and how can some women do this every day? Good for you, if you are one of those women, you win. But, for the rest of us, let me recommend some great cheap shampoos that allow you to skip a day or two from your dreaded beauty ritual.

Product of the Week: Head and Shoulders shampoo

Most people associate Head and Shoulders with dandruff. True, it does relieve dandruff, but it is actually an amazing shampoo for all hair types. A stylist from Snip N Sip in Manhattan recommended this to my sister who of course recommended it to me, and when I actually tried it for myself I was pleasantly surprised. It’s cheap, lathers great, rinses well and makes my hair feel lovely. What more can you ask for in a shampoo? It does come in a variety of types, but I love the basic Classic Clean shampoo.

Other drugstore shampoo and conditioners I love are Infusium 23 and the John Frieda collection for specific hair colors.

For better results from your shampoo and conditioner, try alternating between two different brands of shampoo every other day. This is another great reason to buy cheaper hair products so you are able to do that without wasting money on two expensive shampoos.

Try these products out and tell me what you think. Also, feel free to post beauty questions you would like me to answer. Thanks for reading!


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