Ah, another Valentine’s Day. Who doesn’t love this overpriced holiday? Not only is it impossible to get a reservation at the ever important Root Down, I am constantly reminded of the fact that I am single and will NOT be receiving any sort of mailed or shipped gifts this year. Nope, my February the 14th will most likely consist of On-Demand, 3 bottles of Pinot Nior and a 120 lbs. rottweiler sharing my bed. However, I understand most of you will actually participate in this year’s festivities, so I don’t fret: I will go ahead and offer some beauty recommendations for you to use this Valentine’s Day. If you’re going to do Valentine’s Day, you should do it right with a sexy red lip and matching red nails.

Products of the Week: Revlon nail enamel in Revlon Red and Revlon super lustrous lipstick in Certainly Red.

Nothing says sexy or carefree like a pair of red lips. Whether you’re a fan of the red lip or have never dared to go so dark, this Valentine’s Day might be the perfect excuse to show your fun side. Yes, the red lip is a bold statement and so, it’s best to wear it with minimum eye makeup and not a very bright outfit. How can you make your little black dress sexier this V Day? Add a red lip.