Angela Kmezich (Donna Baldwin Talent) in an image that didn't make the magazine

Angela Kmezich (Donna Baldwin Talent) in an image that didn't make the magazine

It’s not every day that the fashion-powers-that-be are willing to share the secrets of their sets, but long-time friend of the magazine, Jody Zorn (photographer) wanted to show off her new digs, and Matthew Morris (fashion editor at-large for 303) wanted to go behind the scenes. So, after planning a white backdrop studio shoot to show off big hair and big shoulders, the Photo Shop crew spun it all around and this set-on-set concept was born.

For the real dirt, you’ll have to find a witness, but word is, there was a complainer on board. For the photo shoot laymen: it only takes one bad vibe to throw everything off. Luckily, the negative energy was squashed by the hilarity of Angela hamming it up on this giant black marble tiger. They had to find factory workers to use a forklift to transport the massive feline to set, and the whole scene didn’t even make it to print. Se la vi. At least the crew was able to persevere through a ten-hour shoot and capture fall trends for your viewing pleasure.

(page 42 of November’s Dining issue to see Photo Shop)

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