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Connie Chronnoisseur: Lotus Medical

... good product and excellent service will keep people returning time and time again. Case in point: one patient who came in seeking ear wax (Lotus was sold out) was promised a text message when new stock arrived AND given a free joint and Cheeba Chew for the inconvenience. Can't shake a Thai stick at that kind of service. ...
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Cannabytes: A 3-Day Argument for Legalization

The rallying cry of the last three days, for myself and hundreds of other conference-goers, was emblazoned on a banner in the Grand Hyatt here in Denver: "Stop arresting responsible marijuana smokers." Colorado had the privilege of hosting the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws' 40th annual conference this week....
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Connie Chronnoisseur: Kindness

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I believe what I found can best be summed up this way: remember the awe on Dorothy Gale’s face when, after coming from her black-and-white world full of tornadoes and nasty Miss Gulch, she is welcomed into a colorful, sensual place, filled with sights, sounds and, yes, smells that titillate her senses and make her eyes grow wide in wonder? Well, welcome to Kindness, the Oz of Colfax....