Kindness ad I masterminded (body paint: Kelsie, hair: Ms. Easy, design: The Firm)

New Year’s Day is a semi-arbitrary holiday. Sure, our calendar year is based on Earth’s journey around the Sun, but January 1 is still a somewhat random starting point. It could just as easily have been April 20 or September 13. That being said, choosing to make resolutions today—especially in the midst of a massive hangover—seems a bit forced. Setting goals or intentions certainly shouldn’t be relegated to one day a year. It should be an everyday endeavor. We have revelations about ourselves and our behavior daily, why not vow to make adjustments as often as possible?

In the spirit of this blog, I resolve to continue:

melodically ambushing both strangers and friends

–enhancing my “Mad Men” portfolio (see image on left)

–gettin’ my human pretzel on (I recommend Cherry Creek’s Vital Yoga, soon-to-be Kindness)

–schoolin’ fools on the endless nutritional and industrial potential of hemp

–road trippin’ (Arizona’s Sedona Desert and Montreal’s Mutek Festival are targets)

–living and loving with gusto