Om Body: Helios Walker is a Yoga Stud

Helios Walker has the physique of a god. Fittingly, he shares his birth name with a bona fide immortal. In Greek mythology, Helios is the personification of the sun. Momma and poppa Walker christened their son ...
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Connie Chronnoisseur: Kindness

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I believe what I found can best be summed up this way: remember the awe on Dorothy Gale’s face when, after coming from her black-and-white world full of tornadoes and nasty Miss Gulch, she is welcomed into a colorful, sensual place, filled with sights, sounds and, yes, smells that titillate her senses and make her eyes grow wide in wonder? Well, welcome to Kindness, the Oz of Colfax.
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Pregnant Practice: Prenatal Yoga

Despite its physical challenges, we all identify yoga practice as a means for relaxing and nurturing our bodies. And in the midst of the aches, sickness, and general discomfort of pregnancy, there may seem to b...
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Not-So-New Intentions

New Year's Day is a semi-arbitrary holiday. Sure, our calendar year is based on Earth's journey around the Sun, but January 1 is still a somewhat random starting point. It could just as easily have been April...