Have you ever wondered why Ganesha has an elephant head? Or why Shiva has a snake around his neck?

8/19-9/23 @ Kindness Yoga

8/19-9/23 @ Kindness Yoga

Patrick Montgomery used to be in the same boat. “I had always seen the statues, paintings, graphics on t-shirts, etc.,” remembers Montgomery. “It wasn’t until I seriously started studying yoga philosophy that I learned the symbolism of the characters and realized the mythic stories can help explain some of the more complex aspects of our nature.”

Montgomery believes it’s important for aspiring yoga teachers to know their history. To that end, the Kindness Yoga instructor is co-facilitating Making the Myths Your Story, a six week workshop dedicated to educating yoga teachers-in-training, with fellow instructor Buffy Barfoot. “Myths are spectacular, colorful, unbelievable stories that bring us closer to our own truths. If I tell a story about myself or someone from the news, students might think ‘Well, that’s not me.’ When I talk about a fabulous character who is half human and half monkey, who sometimes has super powers and is always being called upon to perform an epic feat under the most impossible circumstances…students actually see some part of themselves in the story.” 

Making the Myths Your Story kicks off Tuesday, August 19 at the Hilltop location of Kindness Yoga (455 S. Hudson). Teachers-in-training can earn 20 credit hours toward a 500 hour Kindness teacher certification. For further information, KindnessCollective.com/Events-Workshops. On a related note, Kindness was recently named “Top of The Town” by 5280 Magazine.

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