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Connie Chronnoisseur: Highland Health Medical Dispensary and Wellness Center

The first thing I noticed about Highland Health is the fact that I didn’t notice it. There is no sign out front and the seemingly-requisite Hideously Painful Dispensary Lime Green paint job is MIA. True, for some businesses, this level of Secret Squirrel incognito play would be marketing suicide. But the fact that Highland Health is discreetly hidden away on the fourth floor of an office complex totally works for them.
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Connie Chronnoisseur: Lotus Medical

... good product and excellent service will keep people returning time and time again. Case in point: one patient who came in seeking ear wax (Lotus was sold out) was promised a text message when new stock arrived AND given a free joint and Cheeba Chew for the inconvenience. Can't shake a Thai stick at that kind of service.
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Connie Chronnoisseur: Kindness

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. I believe what I found can best be summed up this way: remember the awe on Dorothy Gale’s face when, after coming from her black-and-white world full of tornadoes and nasty Miss Gulch, she is welcomed into a colorful, sensual place, filled with sights, sounds and, yes, smells that titillate her senses and make her eyes grow wide in wonder? Well, welcome to Kindness, the Oz of Colfax.
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Connie Chronnoisseur: The Clinic

...I made my way down Colfax, the familiar, pungent smells of Denver's favorite tract of hobos, hipsters and hookah bars wafting faintly on the breeze. I was out of medicine and, not wanting to drive far, was willing to succumb to the outdated cliché of a Colfax score...