Mash-up Pastiche: Girl Talk

Getting paid to play other people's music might seem like an easy way to make a living. Maybe that's why everyone and their MILF is a DJ these days—all the benefits of rock stardom are possible, without out all the creative hassle of composition. Greg Gillis exists somewhere in between. All Day, his latest mash-up pastiche as Girl Talk, doesn't feature a single original note, but it does distill hundreds of samples—373 to be exact—into a 71 minute mega-mix that was so sought-after upon its November release it practically “broke the internet”.

Snowdown: Z-Trippin’

We Coloradans love the white stuff. While I'm sure the Colombian kind has its share of fans here too, I'm referring to the variety Old Man Winter manufactures on Mother Earth's face. God's dandruff, if you'...