Hindsight: Social Distortion @ The Ogden

There are some voices that, when raised in song, don’t merely carry a tune … they preach it. When this happens, anyone within earshot just can’t help being somehow transformed. But when the voice in ques...

Hindsight: Portishead @ 1st Bank Center

People put Portishead on a pedestal. And, as demonstrated at their first Colorado date in over a decade, they belong there. The trip hop troupe's catalog has aged gracefully, to say the least. Now classic D...
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Carpe Noctem: Halloweekend 2011

Role playing is an essential component of human behavior. Hollywood actors get paid big bucks for a good reason. If babies start as blank slates, trying on personas is how they figure out who the eff to be wh...

Hindsight: Glitch Mob @ Red Rocks

The West Coast electronica scene and the jam band community have been in bed together for what seems like forever now. Bassnectar’s first Colorado appearance was at a String Cheese after-hours in 2003. The ...

Shutterbuggin’: Beta’s fairytale campaign

Tired of being invited to nightclubs by stock photography models who'll never step foot inside? Beta, arguably the number one club in the country, offered a remedy in March when it kicked off a fairytale-inspired promotional campaign featuring actual club employees. Novel idea, right? Lauren, one of Beta's VIP hostesses, played Dorothy for the introductory Wizard of Oz images. I weaseled my way into the part of Scarecrow. And Toto was masterfully channeled by an ankle-biter belonging to photographer Jonathan Shoup's girlfriend.
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Boob Tubin’: Glee Auditions

There's a little show called Glee on Fox. You may have heard of it. It's about a high school glee club. It comes on Tuesday nights after American Idle. Since the end of March, Myspazz has been hosting a nationwide cattle call in search of new talent. Fans of the show or “Gleeks” submitted a veritable avalanche of video auditions. Mine was among them.
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CD Report Card: DJ Dragon – HomeGrown

Dragon, one of Beta's resident DJs, recently orchestrated another Mile High milestone: Homegrown. Compiled by the Triad mascot, Homegrown is a mixed CD consisting primarily of Colorado producers. Pretty Lights, Shawn Astrom, Ty Tek, Venaccio, Satori-C, Entropy, Lea Luna, Sonaris, mLe, Shawn Mitiska, Joman, Sir Thomas, Jquintel, Manufactured Superstars, Dirt Monkey, Savoy, Kostas K, Samples, Jontron and Dragon himself are among the individual artists included.