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Weekend Escapes: Hawaiian Islands

Like you really needed another reason to visit the Hawaiian Islands? Between the picture-perfect beaches, spectacular natural scenery, rich history, and mouthwatering fare, there's something for every traveler ...

Synth City: Chain Gang of 1974

Kamtin Mohager has checked everything off his bucket list. And he's only 25. “I created the list when I was 16. I've crossed everything off, which is unbelievable. Ninety-eight percent of my influences are ...
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Karaoke Showdown: Denver’s Next Nightclub Star @ Lannie’s

Upon recently noticing that a Hawaiian getaway was up for grabs at a Lannie's-hosted karaoke competition, I began plotting my song choices. I've never been to Hawaii, but I loved Forgetting Sarah Marshall to death (and, as we all know, Hollywood's interpretation of a geographic locale is always spot on).