Style Porn: Decadence Fuses Music & Fashion

We’re all anxiously awaiting the start of 2012, and, with it, a New Year’s Eve party like no other. Thankfully, there’s Decadence – a massive party devised by promoters Global Dance Music and Sub.Mission dubste...
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CD Report Card: DJ Dragon – HomeGrown

Dragon, one of Beta's resident DJs, recently orchestrated another Mile High milestone: Homegrown. Compiled by the Triad mascot, Homegrown is a mixed CD consisting primarily of Colorado producers. Pretty Lights, Shawn Astrom, Ty Tek, Venaccio, Satori-C, Entropy, Lea Luna, Sonaris, mLe, Shawn Mitiska, Joman, Sir Thomas, Jquintel, Manufactured Superstars, Dirt Monkey, Savoy, Kostas K, Samples, Jontron and Dragon himself are among the individual artists included.