Every spring and fall, 303 Magazine hosts Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW) — Denver’s largest fashion show. DFW is known not only for the fashion, but for the art and performance pieces too. That’s why we’ve decided to combine all of the above. This summer, 303 is hosting a summer fashion show with a focus around the art.

303 Magazine and DFW presents


A Summer DFW Event @ The DaVinci Exhibit 

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In support of Blu Haven charity

The fashion show will take place August 5 at Wings Over the Rockies, where the DaVinci’s Machine Exhibition is currently on display. Many of DaVinci’s artistic masterpieces  — including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper have been remastered for an up close and personal look. Several machines on are also on display including the Bicycle, Parachute, Hang Glider and the Air Screw  — a precursor to the helicopter. This exhibition also presents DaVinci’s models grouped in themes: war machines, flying machines, nautical and hydraulic machines, as well as devices illustrating the Principles of Mechanics. The interactive machines allow guests to touch and handle these contraptions so they can get a firsthand experience, and appreciation, of how the machines work.

Similar to past DFW shows, the summer fashion show will highlight Denver’s local fashion community, designers and boutiques. We are also excited to announce the new edition of our Children’s Fashion Show on Sunday, August 6, which will help open the doors to kids ages six to 13 and introduce them to the fashion world. It will also highlight some of the great local children’s boutiques and designers in our city.



DFW Summer Fashion Show Day One

When: Saturday, August 5
 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.: DaVinci’s Machines Exhibition with a cocktail reception
 9:30 p.m.: Fashion Show by W Boutique, Inspired Boutique, Steve Sells, Tyne Hall, Rachel Marie Hurst
Where: Wings Over the Rockies: 7711 E Academy Blvd. #1, Denver 
Tickets: Click Here





DFW Children’s Fashion Show Day Two

When: Sunday, August 6
 4 p.m.: DaVinci’s  Exhibition with a kid-friendly reception  
 6:30 p.m.: Fashion show by Nest Children’s Boutique, Billow + Bound, Hollyhocks Children’s Boutique, Park Hill Design, Dimple For Kids
Where: Wings Over the Rockies: 7711 E Academy Blvd. #1, Denver
Tickets: Click Here


All tickets include entrance to the DaVinci exhibit before the fashion show.

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