Hindsight: LCD Soundsystem @ The Fillmore

It’s hard not to use superlatives when describing LCD Soundsystem. Most influential New York band since the mid-2000s. Best live translation of an electronic project to a the stage since Daft Punk. Biggestâ...
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Artist to Watch: Kele Okereke

  Kele Okereke In 2005, English buzz bands were as common as pigeons in Piccadilly Square, and almost as pestering. Beatlesque ensembles feigned talent and ability; post-punk outfits channeled Ian C...
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Artist to Watch: Vampire Weekend

Usually, when I write these things, there's an air of mystery, or at least a lack of ubiquity, surrounding the artists. With Vampire Weekend, all that is pretty much out the window. A supremely talented band fr...
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Artist to Watch: Tokyo Police Club

O, Canada. It's a huge place filled with beautiful scenery and majestic wildlife and a couple buzzing underground music scenes that make LA residents and CMJ perennials look twice. Montreal in particular has,...
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Denver Music: Solar Bear

In the Aughts, Fear Before and Vaux predicated the Fray and 3OH!3 as vanguards of Denver's music scene. Post-hardcore was a staple, and small clubs across the Front Range played host to it almost nightly. Pre-m...
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Denver Music: Mane Rok’s R’Evolution

Mane Rok To paraphrase Denver's current patron saint of hip-hop, Friday night will change the face of the scene forever. Names will emerge; lyrics will be heard; and the next phase will begin. Over the past...
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Artist to Watch: Jonsi Birgisson

Hearing Jónsi's "Go" in the privacy of one’s own home, like with any other record featuring Jónsi’s unmistakable voice, simply pales in comparison to hearing the songs from "Go" performed live in a setting like Denver’s palatial Paramount Theatre.