Presenting Some Of The Eateries Blooming For Denver Fashion Week Spring ’24

Denver Fashion Week Spring ’24 is just on the horizon and the passion for fashion will be showcased through the week-long event featuring talent from local, national, and international designers. Everything from Bridal and streetwear to Sustainable and All-Inclusive fashion is just a taste of what to expect. Speaking of tasting, fashion won’t be the only thing shedding its spotlight. Meet some of the the exciting food partners of Denver Fashion Week serving up everything from poke bowls to charcuterie boards and more. 

Visit the official Denver Fashion Week website for more information and purchase tickets for DFW Spring ’24 here. 

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Stoic and Genuine

Photo Courtesy of Joni Schrantz

When: May 11, Sustainable

The Lowdown: Winner of the James Beard Foundation award, executive chef/owner Jennifer Jasinski and co-owner Beth Gruitch deliver fresh seafood daily for their multi-coastal seafood house and oyster bar. With a dedication to sustainability and creativity, Stoic & Genuine is sure to be serving up food as fresh as the runway fashion.

Cheese Meat Board

Photo Courtesy of Cheese Meat Board on Facebook

When: May 11, Sustainable, May 19, Awards Ceremony & Hair Show

The Lowdown: Just as its name implies, Cheese Meat Board is the go-to spot for all things charcuterie. Handcrafted for any occasion you can be sure to its selection will be just as unique as the runway pieces with a wide selection of artisanal cheeses, cured meats and garnish galore.

Wonderyard Garden + Table

Photo Courtesy of Wonderyard on Facebook

When: May 11, Sustainable

The Lowdown: One of Denver’s newest additions, Wonderyard is a bar-forward restaurant that offers shareable small plate options alongside its innovative cocktail and wine program in the Ballpark neighborhood. Wonderyard’s eye catching design transports guests to an “Alice in Wonderland” world that’s just as unique as the DFW: Inclusive fashion show on May 11.

Sullivan’s Scrap Kitchen

Photo Courtesy of Sullivan’s Scrap Kitchen on Facebook

When: May 11, Sustainable

The Lowdown: To round out the partners for DFW: Sustainable, Sullivan’s Scrap Kitchen focuses on reducing food waste through sustainable practices such as utilizing locally sourced ingredients and preparing all parts of the product to ensure as minimal waste as possible. See what unique cuisine it comes up with on May 11.

Kachina Cantina

Photo Courtesy of Kachina Cantina on Facebook

When: May 14, Streetwear & Sneakers 

The Lowdown: Known for its adventurous spirit, Kachina Cantina offers an escape from the city to the Four Corners region of the U.S. with twists on traditional dishes like pozole and quesabirria – as well as a wide selection of tacos. Visit May 14 for a chance to try bites as diverse as the DFW: Streetwear & Sneakers show.


Photo Courtesy of Provolino on Facebook

When: May 14, Streetwear & Sneakers 

The Lowdown: Locally and family-owned Italian restaurant, Provolino serves up traditional Italian flavors with creative American twists. All things pasta and pizza can be found on its menu and just as Streetwear represents diversity under one culture, Provolino is the perfect backdrop for May 14.

Sunnyside Supper Club

Photo Courtesy of Sunnyside Supper Club

When: May 14, Streetwear & Sneakers 

The Lowdown: A hidden foodie gem – Sunnyside Supper Club offers fresh pizza and pastas with organic and locally sourced ingredients, plus more than 60 taps across all of its locations. With daily fresh made dough, you can guarantee that it will be as fly as DFW: Streetwear on May 14.

My Neighbor Felix

Photo Courtesy of My Neighbor Felix on Facebook

When: May 15, The Black Sea

The Lowdown: A Pan-Mexican kitchen is what makes My Neighbor Felix unique. Serving up dishes from all seven regions of Mexico, it lays the perfect backdrop for the international designers showcasing their work on May 15.

Southern Bell Catering Group

Photo Courtesy of Southern Bell Catering Group

When: May 15, The Black Sea

The Lowdown: A full-service group known for its culinary creations, excellent hospitality and decadent desserts, Southern Bell Catering Group is exactly what comes out of diverse talent and a commitment to the dining experience. See what they’re serving up on May 15 at DFW: The Black Sea.

Stokes Poke

Photo Courtesy of Stokes Poke on Facebook

When: May 18, Society

The Lowdown: Voted best poke in 2020, Stokes serves up raw, fresh fish lightly seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil with vegetables over rice. Visit DFW: Society show on May 18 for a taste of the ocean brought to the mountains.

Babes Tea Room

Photo Courtesy of Babes Tea Room on Facebook

When: May 16, Bridal

The Lowdown: Known for its chic cafe, Babes Tea Room serves up a variety of sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts and tea, of course. Perfect for any special occasion, such as bridal showers and bachelorette parties, Babes is the perfect backdrop for DFW: Bridal on May 16.

Que Bueno Suerte!

Photo Courtesy of Que Bueno Suerte on Facebook

When: May 16, Bridal

The Lowdown: A blend of the Baja basics mixed with the Rockies is the motto for chef-driven Mexican restaurant Que Bueno Suerte. Its name means “good luck” in Spanish and that’s exactly what is in store for a big commitment such as marriage. Celebrate the big day at DFW: Bridal on May 16 with food that’s fit for the occasion.

Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery & Restaurant

Photo Courtesy of Bigsby’s Folly-A Craft Winery on Facebook

When: May 16, Bridal

The Lowdown: Located in RiNo, Bigsby’s Folly is a full-production winery that pairs the traditions, authenticity and sophistication of California, Washington and Oregon vineyards. The experience at Bigsby’s is meant to invite guests closer to the art and science of winemaking, just like guests at a wedding are invited to celebrate the happy couple. Visit DFW: Bridal on May 16 for a sip or two of its wine.

The Maven Hotel

Photo Courtesy of The Maven Hotel on Facebook

When: May 16, Bridal

The Lowdown: Located in the heart of downtown lies The Maven Hotel – a boutique space designed with the intention of immersing guests with city. It’s located just steps away from Dairy Block and Union Station allowing guests to roam the neighborhood and beyond. After a long night of fashion, there is nothing better than a good night’s sleep and The Maven may have just that. Visit DFW on May 16 to see what’s in store.

Masas Boulder

Photo Courtesy of Masas Boulder

When: May 18, Society

The Lowdown: Integrating the culinary history of Oaxaca, Mexico to bring innovative and bold flavors to life is what Masas is doing in Boulder, Colorado. Nothing celebrates Society better than keeping traditions alive and experimenting with bold and unforgettable flavors. Stop by on DFW on May 18 to get a taste.

Denver Milk Market

Photo Courtesy of Denver Milk Market on Facebook

When: May 18, Society

The Lowdown: Anytime you find yourself in LoDo it’s hard to miss the Denver Milk Market – a 16-concept food hall with vendors ranging from local to global cuisine. What better way to backdrop Society than with a venue that celebrates diversity. Visit DFW: Society on May 18 to see what’s in store from Denver Milk Market.


Photo Courtesy of Sweetgreen on Facebook

Date: May 19, Kids & Teen and Awards Ceremony & Hair Show

The Lowdown: Making healthy food simple and delicious is Sweetgreen’s goal for every made in-house salad and grain bowl. Using whole produce that is delivered each morning ensures quality and freshness that is sure to fuel your body with plant power. See what’s in store from it at the DFW Awards Ceremony and DFW: Kids & Teen on May 19.

Denver Fashion Week returns for its Spring 2024 season from May 11 through 19. All shows will occur at The Brighton, a Non Plus Ultra venue located at 3403 Brighton Blvd., Denver. These caterers are available to all VIP ticket holders in the main-level VIP section. Purchase tickets for DFW here. 

Visit the official Denver Fashion Week website for more information and purchase tickets for DFW Spring ’24 here.