303’s Ultimate 420 Playlist: 4 Hours and 20 Minutes of Music to Vibe to This Holiday Weekend

Every year, April 20th rolls around and a great smokecloud mysteriously appears hovering above Denver. A haze blankets the worn city streets as the people who call this beautiful place home float along smiling, lost in bliss. 420 means a lot to this city. It’s more than just a day for people who already smoke weed every day to smoke even more weed — though it definitely is that. It’s also a time when the city can come together and celebrate one of the many aspects that make it such a unique place to live. With 420 weekend upon us, 303 Magazine‘s music desk has made a playlist composed of four hours and twenty minutes of music to vibe out to this holiday weekend. 

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We didn’t want to approach this playlist with the stereotypical stoner tunes we all know and love (though there are a few classics in there), but we are instead focusing more on vibes. This is music to wrap around yourself like a warm blanket, to groove to in your kitchen as you attempt to satisfy the munchies, to make you feel as full as your belly once you’re done. These songs belong in warm homes on gloomy days as much as they do in parks beneath glowing sunshine.

We’ve compiled an incredibly wide range of music featuring 60 artists with no repeats. The playlist features some of the best modern psych music, including King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Acid Dad, Deep Sea Diver, Wolf People, and more. There are classics from decades past, such as Love, The Chambers Brothers, and Brotherhood of Man. You’ll find deep-cut hip-hop favorites like DANGERDOOM, Funkdoobiest, and Souls of Mischief. There’s also some great music from around the world, including Sampha the Great, Bon Enfant, and Brazilian 70s psych-funk legends Tim Maia and Erasmos Carlos. Finally, you’ll find some ethereal EDM meant to push the boundaries of your mind, like Squarepusher and Emanipator, plus many other surprises.

Whether you celebrate or not, there’s a lot to love in this playlist, so sit back, roll up, and vibe out. Happy Holidays, everyone. 

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