Unlocking the Future of Fashion: Exciting Predictions for 2024 Fashion

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We’re two months into 2024 which means new fashion trends have begun to emerge. From bows, preppy styles, wardrobe basics, short shorts, mini skirts, and 90s and 2000s fashion — 2024 is seeing a variety of fashion comebacks.

Below is 303 Magazine’s 2024 fashion predictions we hope to see throughout the new year. 


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Bows emerged at the end of 2023, but as seen on the runway and your favorite celebs — they’re sure to dominate this year. It’s the perfect touch of sweetness to any hairstyles, accessories and apparel. 

Thanks to the emergence of the Cottage Core aesthetic bows have captivated women everywhere. “Cottage core is an aesthetic that celebrates simple living, particularly in the countryside,”  The Good Trade said.

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The bows create a minimalist yet ultra-feminine and functional look — perfect for any occasion. It’s also an easy way to elevate or soften a look. They are a perfect way to make your outfit stand out and show off while also showing a fun, playful, lovable look.

Preppy Style

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The preppy style can be worn in many different ways. Most looks have an academic-inspired style, including blazers and pleated skirts. A popular look has been mixing a pleated mini skirt with an oversized sweater, and adding a classic white button down.

This trend also includes a lot of layering, making it the perfect look for winter and fall days. Pair your favorite vintage sweater with an oversized blazer or a sweater draped around your neck. 

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“Classic pieces like plaid skirts, colorful sweaters, loafers, blazers, and oxford shirts will all make an appearance in your wardrobe. This trend is perfect for those who love timeless looks that never go out of style. Preppy fashion is known for being classic, comfortable, and stylish,” Local Threads said. 

This trend began in the early 1900s and, like most trends, is making its way back into the fashion scene. Prada’s recent 2024 fashion show which was heavily dominated by old school looks and will trickle down to mainstream fashion.  

Adding pieces like long coats, sleek knee high boots, oversized blazers or even a V-neck knit sweater instantly adds a touch of prep to your look.


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With the clean girl aesthetic taking over the internet last year, wardrobe basics are even more prominent this year. There’s a higher demand from consumers for button-downs and solid colors. With the change in the economy and things becoming more expensive, people are hunting for versatile, timeless looks. 

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For an office style look, throw on some wide leg jeans and a long trench coat, worn with a white button down, half tucked in, you can tie the outfit up with some pointed heels or boots. Basics are perfect for any closet because you get a variety of uses out of them and can mix and match them for different occasions. This also makes for a chic street style look, typically favored by Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner. 


Short Shorts & Mini Skirts 

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Micro shorts and mini skirts were seen strutting down catwalks in Milan — it’s because of this, it made our 2024 fashion prediction list. Celebrities like Bella Hadid and Olivia Rodrigo have favored the short bottoms look and have been seen utilizing this look for dinners, parties, events, or even just a casual day running errands.

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The short silhouette gives room to accessorize and style with fun heels and accessories. You can also wear this look with some tights to bolden up the look. 

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The micro skirt and short looks can be styled in many different ways. You can wear it more casually with a t-shirt and a cover up jacket, or dress it up with a fancy polo or blazer. Another look similar to the micro skirts and shorts is wearing an oversized shirt or sweater dress.

Not only is this a very chic look, but it requires minimal effort and a variety of ways to make it your own. Utilizing boots, pointed heels, purses, and pops of color like reds is a great way to spice up this look.

90’s & 00’s Fashion

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The 90s and 2000s fashion is something that continues to thrive in the fashion industry. In 2023, we saw this trend everywhere and continues to thrive in 2024.

“Vintage-inspired fashion and its celebration of the past have evolved into a source of escapism and comfort,”  L’officiel said. Famous looks have been worn by Kendal Jenner, Alex Earle, Olivia Rodrigo, Rihanna, and even some of your favorite social media stars. 

“We can thank celebrities for the resurgence. The uniform of the current “it” girls like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and Sofia Richie is all about embracing the combination. Baggy jeans and crop tops paired with sneakers or heels are the most popular look at the moment, and it has taken over fashion culture,”  The New York Post wrote. 

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In 2024 there is more of a minimalistic and subtle scene in the fashion world. Long skirts, neutral colors, boyfriend style low cut jeans, exaggerated jackets and leather are in. Maxi skirts, cargo pants, silver jewelry, and so much more are making a comeback as these items perfectly curate that 90s or 2000s look. 

Cargo pants are a versatile look that can easily be either dressed up or dressed down. You can create both the elevated rich look or a more street style. There is a lot to work with when it comes to cargo pants, enough to match everyone’s unique taste. 

Based on research gathered online, social media, and through WGSN these trends were deemed to be taking over in 2024. As we start seeing our favorite celebrities and influencers wear these looks, we’re eager to witness some of our favorite 2024 fashion predictions come to fruition. 

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