6 Fun and Creative Ways to Stay Active in Cold Weather

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Your activity level doesn’t have to come to a halt just because it’s cold outside. You can still stay active this winter, even if you’re not a powder hound, no matter what the weather’s like. All you need to do is decide if you want to get moving outdoors or indoors. Whether you love spending time in the snow or only do it to get some fresh air, you can still stay active in cold weather by partaking in one of these fun and creative activities.

1. Try an Indoor Sports League

Beat the chill and the other team by joining an indoor sports league. Staying active in cold weather can mean going inside and avoiding the cold altogether. Denver hosts a wide variety of indoor sports leagues like volleyball, basketball, soccer and hockey. Or keep up with the latest craze and try your hand at one of Denver’s many indoor pickleball courts

If you like the idea of combining your sports activity with food and beverage on the side, then check out places like The Basketball Social House, where you can eat dribble and drink — all indoors. Or check out one of Denver’s elite golf simulators and axe-throwing centers at Over Flyte.

ways to stay active in cold weather
Get active in the snow, Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2. Shoveling Snow

Did you know you can burn on average 216 in 30 minutes shoveling snow? Snow shoveling is inherently a chore, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can shovel out patterns or race to see who in your household can shovel the most snow the fastest. It’s more of a workout than you might think, enough to get your heart racing.

Be sure to wrap up and stay warm while shoveling snow in freezing conditions. Remember — clothes made of synthetic materials don’t insulate as well as natural ones like wool or down, but they dry quickly, making them ideal for wet winter conditions. Always dress in layers when you’re planning to be outside to stay as safe as possible.

3. Enjoy Creative Cardio

Get creative and get moving by trying different kinds of cardio. You could turn on a playlist with upbeat songs and dance with your family. Even if your party only lasts a few minutes, everyone will get a full-body workout.

Your family might love jumping rope together in your garage or playing racquetball against an outdoor wall. Even if you only play balloon volleyball in the living room once a week, you’ll still be more active than if you sat on the couch.

ways to stay active in cold weather
Run in a winter race, Photo by Sherise Van Dyke on Unsplash

4. Participating in a 5K

One of the best ways to stay active in cold weather is with running. You never know just what you’re capable of until you try something new. Running a 5K might sound intimidating, but anyone can do it with training. Give yourself a challenge by running in the cold air or find a local gym to jog on a treadmill.

After finishing the 5K, you may feel a sense of accomplishment that motivates you to set new goals. Additionally, running can benefit both your mind and body — simply making a regular habit of it can lower your depression and anxiety levels, as well as take some stress off your shoulders. It’s worth trying out to prove to yourself you can do it.

5. Find an Indoor Pool

You don’t have to wait until summer to make a splash. Find your local gym or recreation center and check to see if they have an indoor pool. Swim some laps or enjoy a variety of classes like water aerobics to keep you moving this winter. Make sure you note the lap pool’s free swim times to schedule your gym trips. It may have frequently reserved periods when the lifeguards remove the lane markers so people of all ages can splash around just for fun.

6. Embrace Your Inner Child

Cold weather might make you feel cooped up, but plenty of year-round activities exist even after the arrival of snow. Take your family out for a bowling night or visit a local roller skating rink. Trampoline parks have become very popular at places like Urban Air Adventure Park or at Aurora’s Sky Zone. Or find a local hockey rink or outdoor skating pond and strap on your ice skates to enjoy a classic winter activity. 

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