Denver Fashion Week – Introducing the Designers of Streetwear

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Denver Fashion Week (DFW) was named by Forbes as a trusted alternative to New York Fashion Week — and with each year the lineup of creators that present their designs at DFW grows in talent and rich experience for the audience.

This year, DFW is showing seven well known — and emerging — streetwear designers. With brilliant new collections that will leave attendees energized and exhilarated, it’s a popular Denver Fashion Week night you don’t want to miss. 

You can get your tickets for the highly anticipated Streetwear Night here.

The Boogeyman’s Closet

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The Boogeyman’s Closet will be rolling out designer Carter Cupps best work created thus far to the runway this month. In previous seasons, Cupp has presented with The Hause Collective, and this marks his first solo collection. Rooted in the culmination of his interests and favorite parts about fashion, the audience can expect quite a cool show. As early 2000s and 90’s styles are back in style, The Boogeyman’s show will be heavily inspired by Y2K styles –– also making a reappearance 20 years after it was first aflame in streetwear. 

Low-rise jeans, contrasting colors, and cropped shirts will likely be a part of “BoogeY2K.” Also drawing inspiration from musicians, Cupp looks to musicians for inspiration. In his opinion, musicians tend to set the trend for streetwear through their on-stage outfits and their everyday style.

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Stoked LA 

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Stoked LA seeks to help individuals feel comfortable in their clothing without ever sacrificing their unique style. Stoked LA will be taking on streetwear night outfitted in comfortable yet stylish ensembles on the runway. With bold colors and fun graphics — the collection will demand attention while demonstrating the many various interpretations of streetwear. With the foundation that comfort does not limit style, the collection will use pieces available to order from her website and then styled with uniquely created pieces. 

Designer Leah Sullivan shares that she always had an interest in fashion but didn’t think it was a “practical” career choice. After some key memories from middle school, she believed that sweatpants were lazy and it wasn’t until 2020 that she challenged her own belief and worked to develop fashionable comfort pieces. Beginning with tie dying sweatpants and tank tops, she began to add logos and eventually create more complex designs. Sullivan is grateful to wake up and do what she loves each day by creating. 


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This season, attendees can expect to see 20+ looks from Azuratrella — primarily featuring academically inclined pieces. Azuratrella showed last season, focused on moody ensembles with plaid and denim — what she deemed as straitjacket chic.

The new collection is heavily inspired by the places where designer Azura Trella fell in love with sewing, speaking to where she started. Each individual garment is made from scratch with a unique touch and place in Trella’s heart. The collection seeks to reflect lessons from growth and learning — an ode to how far Trella has come from the beginning.

There’s been much that has been learned along the way, and the pieces will incorporate a vision from the designer’s past self that couldn’t fully come into fruition until now.

Rabbitjax Clothing 

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Attendees at streetwear night can expect to see Rabbitjax Clothing setting trends through the authenticity of the brand. Designer Ray Howard is beyond excited to be a part of Streetwear night — where the next season of fashion is born. Paying homage to the journey that comes from growth, the runway will be a space to show the change from last season as people and artists.

Howard says that attendees can expect the unexpected. Last fall, RabbitJax Clothing was introduced to the Denver fashion scene and set the bar for what was his designing capability. This season will raise the bar yet again and show a new facet of Howard’s designs. 

This season is inspired by the theme, “Follow That Dream.” Howard hopes to impart to attendees to focus on being who they want to be because no one can take your place in this world. Chase your dream down the Rabbit(Jax) hole until you get to the place that makes you the happiest — wherever that may be.

The collection was also heavily inspired by the growing concert and festival culture, as well as punk vibes from London in the 80s’. Plaid and denim will be sure to make an appearance on the runway. He hopes to use RabbitJax to make that a statement in their creations. What is mandatory from RabbitJax Clothing — is self expression. 


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After OKIME KOLLECTIONS was crowned one of the winners from the Poolside Designer Challenge, the runway has been prepped for designer Emiko Freeman’s debut show. 

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Attendees can expect to see head to toe denim on all gendersthe main inspiration being Japanese streetwear. With a mix of oversized streetwear — as well as a mix of unexpected pieces — the audience will see a spin on streetwear as a whole in a way that can only be described as uniquely OKIME. The Designer Challenge was only a small glimpse of what the collection will entail. 

KOJO + Sedulous Design 

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This collection is inspired by the pursuit of freedom as KOJO designer Kadir Adan and Sedulous designer Moses Birch debut their first runway collection together for DFW. This collection will be a mix of handmade streetwear and couture products designed for artists and all people to be able to wear for comfort or performance.

Adan, the owner of KOJO, is a multi-talented creative director in his mid-20s, who has embarked on a remarkable journey in the realms of photography, fashion, and film. Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Adan’s unique perspective is deeply rooted in his early experiences, which he often describes as the “jungle” in his work. At the age of six, he and his family made the life-altering decision to move to New York, leaving behind a fashion clothing shop his mother owned in Kenya. Adan’s multicultural background and artistic vision blend seamlessly to create a unique and evocative fashion narrative. Kadir Adan has directed over 10 fashion shows in the past two years with remarkable impact in the Denver and New York underground fashion art community, networking hundreds of models, photographers, and designers along the way.

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Moses Birch, the visionary behind Sedulous, hails from Colorado, where he graduated from Denver East High School. His passion for fashion led him to pursue further studies in fashion design and apparel manufacturing at Colorado State University. What sets Birch apart is his unwavering commitment to high-quality fashion and an insistence on using luxurious fabrics and materials that embody softness and shine. He’s made his mark as one of Denver’s pioneering designers with a full-service private design studio that prioritizes quality and eliminates the need for overseas third-party manufacturers.

Shadow Angels Clothing

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With an incredible fashion show brand and art gallery earlier this year, it was only the beginning for Shadow Angels Clothing. Something attendees can look forward to is a theatrical production on the runway with art-inspired clothing, where the designer Michael Thomas has taken his art pieces and had them printed on the streetwear collection. 

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Models will walk the runway with the art printed on their looks. Looking to add something over the top, Thomas will provide attendees with 3D color depth glasses for a fully immersive experience. Art is driven by story and spiritual plight on planet Earth, and Thomas plans to provide an energetic show to wear fashion that is meaningful while also filled with visual interest.

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