Café by Day, Family-Style by Night – Welcome to the Painted Pig in Carbondale

In the heart of Carbondale, a culinary and community gem is set to enchant locals and visitors alike this winter. A new multifaceted establishment is poised to redefine the local experience, offering a blend of charm, delicious offerings and a steadfast commitment to honoring the mountain community.

From a quintessential Colorado mountain café by day to a vibrant family-style restaurant at sunset, The Painted Pig, curated by Kade Gianinetti, draws inspiration from a century of Roaring Fork Valley legacy, creating a space that mirrors the soul of Carbondale.

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The standout feature of The Painted Pig is its strong community focus. The restaurant is poised to obtain ingredients locally, thus backing regional farmers and producers.

“Based on how hard it is to make a restaurant work, especially in a small mountain town, it has to be more than just a restaurant. So, community building and what we offer is crazy important to us and for Carbondale to have another space to engage and create communities,” said Gianinetti.

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During the day, The Painted Pig embodies a classic Colorado mountain café. Color Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster from Eagle, offers a wide range of espresso drinks, pour-over coffee, and tea options. All day long, the café offers a diverse range of grab-and-go breakfast and lunch choices, including artisanal pastries, bread, sandwiches, and salads.

As the sun dips behind the mountains, executive chef Gino takes center stage, weaving together the flavors of Peru and Italy’s Valle d’Aosta in a culinary journey that promises to be both unique and delectable. The libations, crafted by winemakers at Aquila Cellars and a regional beer partnership with Outer Range Brewing, further elevate the overall dining experience.

“We want to keep it really simple and let the ingredients and products that we’re sourcing speak for themselves,” Gianinetti said. “Some barbecue rotisserie chicken, Peruvian influence from our head chef Gino, Valle d’Aosta, Northern Italian influence, where my family came from, and there’s a ton of people from the Roaring Fork Valley from there.”

The experience the Painted Pig will soon mirror at night is a delightful family-style dinner, offering generous protein selections, seasonal vegetable accompaniments, delectable appetizers and various exquisite wines.

The Painted Pig café and mercantile shop are now open and is located at 689 Main St. Carbondale, CO. The restaurant plans to open December 1, 2023. Visit its website for updates. 

All photography courtesy of The Painted Pig on Instagram.