5 Styles I’ll Be Wearing This Winter: Androgynous Edition

As long as we’ve tried to avoid it — there’s no denying that winter is back in Denver. As the days get shorter, colder and darker, the urge to drown in fabric is stronger than ever.

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Luckily, this changing of the seasons is an opportunity to figure out how to stay warm and cozy while looking stylish at the same time. As one of the city’s many cool girls with androgynous style, I’ve compiled a list of five styles I’ll be rocking all winter long.

Racing Jackets

racing jacket

Photo courtesy of @emmadimarco on Instagram

While puffers and workwear will always be my winter jacket go-to’s, racing jackets are one winter trend that I’m anxious to style. Seen on Hailey Bieber, influencer Emma DiMarco and the crusty guy across from you at the Goodwill bins — racing jackets are the perfect way to add a warm layer without losing style. No matter if you’re pairing it with a hoodie and cargo pants or dressing it up with a long skirt and tall boots, these jackets add an effortlessly cool vibe to any fit.

And they’re totally customizable, too: add patches and pins to make your racing jacket even more unique than it already is.

Where to Cop One: Realistically, any Denver street style reseller will be selling racing jackets this season. Shop local and stay sustainable by hitting up holiday vintage markets or keeping your eye out for Instagram drops (my recommendations for resellers to watch for this trend? homegirlthrift and thriftsteeles are two local resellers who specialize in vintage streetwear).

Oversized Blazer

oversized blazer

Photo courtesy of thesymbol.ru

We’ve seen oversized blazers on clean girls. We’ve seen this trend with a plain white tee and jeans. But what about wearing an oversized blazer with some baggy pants and a hoodie?

This winter, I’ll be playing around with the traditionally structured silhouette by contrasting it with baggy skater layers and some cool sneakers. For a little extra elevation and an androgynous touch, try styling the whole oversized suit with a baby tee or a graphic hoodie.

Where to Cop: Your dad’s closet or the local thrift store

Color Blocking

color blocking

Photo courtesy of @yesconnieishere on Instagram

Color blocking  — and, the trend on TikTok known as “the sandwich method” — is the perfect way to play around with color and still create a cohesive look. As a forever fan of an all-black outfit, I’ll be styling this trend by letting the accessories take center stage and coordinating hats, socks and bandanas to stay streamlined.

Where to Cop: Visit one of Denver’s many boutiques — like Sock. in Arvada or Mariel Boutique in Cherry Creek — to shop locally for colorful accessories.

Layers on Layers on Layers

big shirt, big pants

Photo courtesy of @okukinn on Instagram

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: layering is not the only key to staying warm. It’s a fundamental of good style — and especially for us androgynous dressers. This winter, I’ll be playing around with different silhouettes and clashing patterns. If you see me on the streets of Denver looking like “Hey Arnold!” with all my layers peeking out, just know my fit is carefully curated.

And the best part is? You don’t even have to buy anything to make this style choice possible. Winter layers are the perfect opportunity to wear all of your cute tanks and tees that you thought you’d be saving for next spring over long sleeves and turtlenecks and underneath cool jackets and button-up shirts.

Rugby Stripes

rugby stripes

Photo courtesy of @yesconnieishere on Instagram

Rugby stripes have gone in and out of style for the past few decades. Luckily for us cool androgynous skater girls, this trend is back and as easy to pull off as ever. Rugby stripes are one of the easiest ways to add a hint of fresh, streamlined pattern to your fit, even when you’re feeling lazy in the morning. For a little hint of spice, combine this trend with the color blocking method, and coordinate one of the stripes’ colors with your beanie or a cool pair of socks.

Where to Cop: Your dad’s closet or the local thrift store (again)

Above all else, this winter, I’ll be staying creative, adding color and wearing what makes me feel like me. Happy styling!