Unreal Unearth: Hozier Concert Style Guide

Hozier, photos by Lindsey Bartlett. (45)

Indie’s favorite yearning soft boy is coming to Denver. Hozier will be performing for two nights at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on October 17 and 18. 

Hozier’s music is both soulful and grooving, expressing heart-wrenching lyrics through folksy, bluesy melodies. His repertoire has an otherworldly quality, often speaking of the type of love that seems to transcend lifetimes. 

But it’s not just his songs that captivate; Hozier’s distinctive aesthetic, a harmonious fusion of bohemian folk and vintage elements, adds another layer to his magnetic allure. 

As the stage lights shine over the Rocky Mountains, fans have the chance to channel their inner Hozier with three distinct style options: romantic folk, urban indie, or ethereal nymph. 

As we gear up for two unforgettable nights of folksy love ballads under the stars, let’s not forget to prepare for the whims of Mother Nature, for the Red Rocks experience promises more than just flawless indie style — it brings the potential of crisp air and brisk winds.

Romantic Folk 

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Hozier’s music is for the yearning romantics. And because his music marries folk with blues and R&B, the romantic folk aesthetic is perfect for his Red Rocks performances. 

To achieve the romantic folk aesthetic, combine soft chunky knits with loose-fitting layers and boho accessories for a look that’s both whimsical and cozy. 

Elevate your look with vintage and handcrafted items, such as locally-made jewelry from boho boutiques like milly rose designs or Fancy Boheme jewelry

If your aesthetic leans femme, consider pairing an oversized knit sweater with a flowy skirt or maxi dress. Stay warm with layers: pair a soft, neutral jacket with tights, scrunchy socks and chunky boots. 

If your aesthetic leans masc, pair your thicker, textured knits with a trench-style jacket or oversized vest. To achieve the romantic folk look, you can’t go wrong with pairing a flowy button-down shirt with a thicker cardigan or sweater vest. To stay warm in the cold Colorado fall evening, use a waffle-knit long sleeve as a base layer underneath your shirt or sweater. 

To up the romantic elements of your outfit, stick to a white, pastel or neutral color palette. To stick to more folksy style, consider combining delicate jewelry with nature-inspired elements, such as soft floral prints. 

Urban Indie

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Another option for your Hozier concert outfit is to dress like the singer himself. Hozier is the ultimate urban indie man, often pairing graphic tees with flannel and high-quality denim. 

For an effortlessly cool urban indie aesthetic, layering is key. Start with a classic flannel shirt as your base for a relaxed, grungy vibe. Pair it with high-quality well-fitting denim in a medium or dark wash. 

Elevate the outfit with leather accents – a well-worn leather jacket or a pair of chunky combat boots can make your outfit concert-appropriate. 

For a special touch, use vintage and thrifted pieces. Layering a vintage graphic tee over a hooded sweatshirt can add both style and comfort–especially when paired with a thick structured jacket and a rolled beanie.

Plus, Denver has a ton of vintage collectives and boutiques around the city. Check out curations like Goldmine Vintage for quality leather and denim pieces. 

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Ethereal Nymph

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As Twitter user @tadpoletariat puts it: “nothing but love for the Irish lesbian witch whose spirit chose hozier as a vessel to write music about her and her immortal gf.” 

And the best way to honor this Irish lesbian witch is to dress like the ethereal creature herself. In other words, consider leaning into an otherworldly nature-inspired look for Wednesday’s Hozier concert. 

The ethereal nymph aesthetic combines druidess energy with garden-inspired pieces. To achieve this look, lean into earth tones and flowy fabrics. Look for prints with leaves, florals or ivy to amplify the outfit’s connection to earth and nature. 

While traditional ethereal aesthetics embrace sheer fabrics such as lace or tulle, October nights at Red Rocks aren’t exactly ideal conditions for these lightweight fabrics. Layering tulle, chiffon or other sheer materials on top of heavier pieces can add depth and texture while maintaining the otherworldly element to your look. 

To stay warm and comfy at the venue, consider adding lined tights in an opaque earth tone and comfortable shoes, such as lightweight boots. 

Lastly, consider adding sparkly jewelry, textured wavy hair and glowy make-up to up the natural celestial vibe of your fit. 

Hozier is performing with Madison Cunningham on October 17 and 18, 2023 at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, CO. More information about his tour can be found here. 

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