The Devil’s Drink Is Denver’s Newest Underworld Speakeasy

Denver’s newest alternative bar opened this past weekend with an atmosphere suited for the devil himself. The Devil’s Drink takes over the Procession Coffee space at night by serving fiery and smoky cocktails.  

Co-owners Andrew Harris and Alisha Taylor take their professional culinary experience and bar managing skills to a new level in this quaint and devilish bar. With macabre-themed decor, blood-red hues, flickering candles and a full bar, Devil’s Drink is the passion project Harris has always dreamed of.

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Taylor is the bar manager at Zeppelin Station, and Harris is the owner of RockNLobster Roll — which previously occupied a space in the Zeppelin Station but now has service through a food truck. Originally, Harris approached Taylor as more of a consulting role, but it turns out her mixology genius was far too valuable, and Harris convinced her to take on a more permanent role. On the other hand, Harris brings a culinary flair to the menu that elevates this bar from your run-of-the-mill heavy metal spot to a hot commodity. 

The intimate snack menu serves Horror Movie & Chill? ($8), a take on truffle popcorn, The Devil’s Eggs ($14), Chips and Caviar ($14) with Denver Chip Co. chips, Ostera Royal caviar, creme fraiche and Hannibal’s Snack ($20) — a steak tartare sandwich with Wagyu tenderloin, Duke’s mayonnaise, corchinos, capers, egg yolk and a brioche bun. 

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When it comes to the cocktail menu, hints of wood smoke, hellfire and citrus bubbles offer an eye-catching experience. Who knew the devil crafted such show-stopping and tasty drinks? 

The Succubus in a Red Dress ($14) is made with Haku Vodka, ginger, pomegranate, lemon and a mysterious citrus bubble on top. Once you pop the bubble, smoke radiates throughout the drink, leaving a tart finish to the rim of the glass. 

While the citrus bubbly drink may fool you into thinking the devil isn’t so maleficent, he comes in full force with the Hell Fire ($14), a mix of Plantation Pineapple Rum, Vida Mezcal, vermouth rosso, lemon and habanero shrub to garnish. This drink is lit on fire and sparks a light into the red darkness that surrounds the bar. 

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With a playfully satanic vibe, Harris wanted to really create a space he would feel comfortable in. As a self-proclaimed alternative kid, Harris always wanted to create a place where all are welcome. Whether you’re into heavy metal, underworld speakeasies or devilish canapés, this bar offers a new world to experience. 

And with spooky season around the corner, the team is eager to create seasonal cocktails and offer themed parties from Angels and Devils to Eyes Wide Shut. To learn more, check out

The Devil’s Drink Bar is located at 3330 Mariposa St., Denver. It’s open Sunday through Thursday from 4 p.m. to 12 a.m., Friday and Saturday from 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. 

All photography by Kiddest Metaferia.

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