Dance the Night Away at Gimme Gimme Disco

Do you love 70s music, particularly disco? Then grab your bellbottoms and head to Gimme Gimme Disco, a DJ-based dance party that plays all the best 70s disco hits, including ABBA, Donna Summer, The Bee Gees and Cher. Don’t miss it at Denver’s Summit Theatre on Saturday, Aug 19.

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, it returns to a venue in  Denver every few months. The event is held in over 100 cities in the U.S. and Canada, with plans to expand to Europe. You can even request your city here. There is no live band, only a DJ who takes requests. Every once in a while, a special guest will make an appearance. For example, one of the original members of the Village People once showed up to an event and taught the audience the YMCA dance.

A shot of the Gimme Gimme Disco themed party.

Photo courtesy of Gimme Gimme Disco

The mastermind behind Gimme Gimme Disco is Burwood Media, a company started by two lifelong friends, Ethan Maccoby and Alex Badanes, who bonded over a shared love of music. In 2015, they DJ’ed at a local bar in Brooklyn, where they played the emo and punk music of their youth. This event began to grow in popularity and eventually launched into a national touring brand – Emo Night Brooklyn.

These days, the company puts on various themed parties that cover various genres of music, including Gimme Gimme Disco, Broadway Rave, Taylor’s Version, Take on Me and Rodeo Rave. In 2022, the company held 850 shows in various cities and sold 350,000 tickets. So far, in 2023, they are already on track to top those numbers. Gimme Gimme Disco is by far the most popular event.

“Disco never died, but there’s been a big disco revival and a lot of younger people are super into it,” says Ethan Maccoby, the co-founder of Burwood Media. “It’s this amazing night where we can bring together so many different people, all from unique backgrounds, all who have their own story, but who can share a room together, dancing, partying and singing.”

People partying at the Gimme Gimme Disco party.

Photo courtesy of Gimme Gimme Disco

Ethan emphasizes how life-changing these events can be – countless people meet their best friends and partners, which has led to proposals at shows and even weddings with music from the Gimme Gimme Disco.

Our goal is to give people the best night of their lives. The more people we can bring this to, and the more genres we can uncover, the more people we can hopefully give the best night of their lives” says Ethan.

Burwood Media is always looking to try out new genres, so keep a lookout on their website to see what themed parties are coming to you. Whether it’s dancing your heart out to ABBA or singing along to your favorite Broadway musicals, bring your friends and be prepared to have the best night of your life.

Depending on the venue, you may need to be 21+ to attend.