Replicate These 6 Summer Trends by Shopping Local

Heading into August, Denver heat is hitting its peak. With 100+ degree days and above-average humidity levels, looking cute while staying cool is proving to be a bit of a challenge. But, with these six summer trends, sweat won’t be the only thing you’re dripping with. 

For the ultimate win-win, these trends can all be found at local boutiques and vintage stores, so you can stay on the cutting edge of style while supporting Denver businesses. 

Quiet Luxury

Also referred to as “Old Money,” quiet luxury style is characterized by minimalism and subtle branding, meaning looking expensive and put-together without being showy or flashy. The style celebrates investing in elevated basics or high-quality closet staples that are worth investing in, as they’re meant to be worn over and over again. 

How to achieve this look:

Pair a lightweight pair of trousers with a waistcoat or high-quality tank top and a sturdy belt. Keep jewelry simple, focusing on small metallic accents. 

When in doubt, lean toward linen. Whether it’s an oversized button-down or breezy wide-leg pants, this lightweight fabric won’t suffocate you on hot days—and, at the same time, you’ll look like you just stepped off a boat (even in the middle of our landlocked state). 

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Keep it local: 

Hit up Rags Consignment for designer pieces at an affordable price. The consignment store features a constantly-cycling selection of high-end clothing, footwear, bags and accessories. Rags are the perfect local shop for finding unique statement pieces and the elevated basics that characterizes quiet luxury style. 

Oversized Shorts

The resurgence of skater style is in full force, offering a stark contrast to the understated energy of quiet luxury. At the center of this mainstream resurgence is baggy shorts, whether that’s Bermuda jorts or below-the-knee cargo. 

How to achieve this look

Luckily, baggy shorts are versatile and can compliment both masculine and feminine  dressers. 

Pair them with a tight-fitting crop top or baby tee for a form-fitting style, or keep it grungy with an oversized tee, scrunchy socks, and skate sneaks. 

If you’re feeling extra playful, pair these hyper-casual shorts with a more elevated piece, like tall boots or a corset top. The vibe clash will seem intentional, promise. 

Keep it local

The best place to find baggy shorts? The men’s section of one of Denver’s many local thrifts (like Arc Thrift Stores) for shorts that are already broken-in. 

Secondhand dad shorts not your thing? Stop into a local skate shop, like Emage, to make your skate style appropriation seem authentic. 

Stacked Accessories


Layering is fundamental to style any outfit. But when the heat is smothering, it’s hard to wear one layer, let alone two. 

Summer is the perfect season to let your accessories shine. And when it comes to accessory stacking, now’s the time to get creative. Play around with hair scarves, barrettes, and butterfly clips. Experiment with neck scarves and bandanas — clash colors and patterns.

In other words, this summer trend is perfect for getting out of your comfort zone. 

How to achieve this look 

Style rules are more lenient now than ever and accessory stacking is the perfect solution for taking an otherwise basic outfit to the next level. This trend is pretty much the opposite of the Coco Chanel “take one thing off” rule: look in the mirror before you leave and add a couple of accessories that you wouldn’t normally pair together. 

Keep it local

Wish Boutique has a wide variety of scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, wallet straps, hair clips, and bags (among so many other things) to suit almost any style — whether you lean toward colorful maximalism or simple neutrals. 

If you’re looking to buy secondhand, local buy, sell, trade store Strawberry Mountain stays stocked with unique accessories, from handmade earrings and dainty rings to vintage bandanas and fanny packs. 

Matching Sets

Monochrome looks are super in right now, and matching sets take the trend one step further. From the viral checkerboard lounge set to the Taylor Swift-style tiny tank and skirt combo, these sets come in lightweight fabrics and endless varieties of fun patterns.

There really is a matching set for everyone. 

How to achieve this look 

This summer trend is super easy to pull off, as you don’t have to worry about matching a top and a bottom together. 

Step One: Find a matching set in a pattern that makes your heart happy.

Step Two: Put on the matching set — revel in your effortless style. 

Step Three: Accessorize, add cool shoes, and walk out the door. 

Keep it local

Stores like A Line Boutique and Pinks stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Plus, they both pride themselves on being down-to-earth and on-trend at the same time. 

Maxi Skirts 

The tides are changing and maxi skirts are entering world of streetwear — something that used to be just for men. Making a comeback on the coattails of Emma Chamberlain’s 90s-inspired “summer uniform,” maxi skirts are a staple for summer 2023. 

Fortunately, this trend is extremely versatile: whether they’re denim, linen, or silk, patterned or solid, flowy or form-fitting, the maxi skirt trend can cater to any aesthetic.

How to achieve this look 

Just like with skater shorts, pairing dressier items with casual elements is perfect for an effortlessly cool look. Pair your skirt with a t-shirt (either a baby tee or an oversized graphic shirt), a denim vest, scrunchy socks, and a cool sneaker to pull off that Upper East Side energy. 

Keep it local

Luckily, Denver has various boutique options and a big portion of those boutiques lean into Bohemian mountain style. This reality makes it pretty simple to shop locally when searching for the perfect maxi skirt. 

Try Meraki Moon for the perfect denim pencil maxi or the flowy tiered skirts all the Instagram girlies are rocking. 

Y2K Everything

Destiny’s Child

It started with low rise pants: Y2K style has been on the rise for the past few seasons  But now, that mid-2000s Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz-core is back in full swing.

There are tons of ways to lean into this resurgence. This summer trend is characterized by bold colors and holographic materials, iridescent accents, and playful patterns. 

How to achieve this look

Kitten heels, hip-riding jeans and cargos, baby tees, and lacy patterned camisoles are all staples for the Y2K look. Top off the outfit with a tiny underarm bag, chunky jewelry, and an oversized pair of sunglasses, and you’ll look straight out of Teen People.  

Keep it local

The best way to emulate Y2K style? Purchase clothes that were made in the 2000s.

Swing through one of Denver’s many vintage clothing stores to find unique pieces that define the trend. In particular, Show Pony Vintage is a collective of resellers whose curation is the perfect combination of colorful and playful. Visit them to find unique pieces fit for this summer trend. 

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