How to Achieve Quiet Luxury Style On A Budget

It’s no question that the “quiet luxury” trend has gained popularity across social media and major fashion publications. Largely due to Shiv Roy’s power dressing on HBO Max’s show “Succession” and Gwyneth Paltrow’s viral court looks, simple yet luxurious style has captured the attention of fashion lovers everywhere.

Despite the trend’s high society origins, the quiet luxury aesthetic is easily obtainable for a more budget-friendly consumer.

What Is Quiet Luxury?


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Rather than expressing wealth through flashy colorways and excessive designer logos, quiet luxury is a more minimalist, clean and elegant approach. By cultivating a wardrobe full of high-quality investment pieces, luxury is expressed through simplicity.

“Quiet luxury is the subtle flex of Kendall Roy in an unbranded black baseball cap from Italian luxury house Loro Piana and Tom Ford sneakers,” fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley said in a piece for The Guardian. “It is Mark Zuckerberg in his signature charcoal-grey T-shirt, which he orders from Brunello Cucinelli in Milan instead of buying from Gap.”

Brands that have pioneered this style for today’s celebrities and billionaires include the likes of The Row, Loro Piana and Max Mara. Without looking into these designer brands and their shocking price tags, achieving the appearance of quiet luxury on a budget is easier than one might think.

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Practical Palettes

One of the hallmarks of quiet luxury is leaning into neutrals and muted tones. The more understated colors are, the more quietly elegant an ensemble becomes. Core colors of quiet luxury are true black, charcoal gray, ivory, neutral navy, khaki, chocolate brown, soft pink and olive green.

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These neutral hues tend to blend in with their surroundings and draw less attention than bright neons or jewel tones. However, muted colors combined with quality fabrics and clean lines can be commanding in their sophistication.

Taking notes from “Succession’s” most stylish character, Shiv Roy, it’s clear that monochromatic palettes are an essential device in the quiet luxury toolkit. Her khaki-and-brown or all-gray outfits don’t appear bland as much as they exude effortlessly powerful style.

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Focus On the Fit

Alongside simple palettes, a quiet luxury style can be achieved by knowing what pieces are fitting and flattering. A nicely tailored blazer or pair of slacks are easy essentials, but they’re most effective when fitted perfectly to the wearer. Quiet luxury favors comfortability and practicality, so finding what fits properly is vital.

Although the allure of quiet luxury is that it appears effortless, the search for well-fitting pieces requires a bit of work. Essential pieces to search for could include fitted neutral t-shirts, wide-leg trousers, tailored blazers, collared button-downs, satin blouses, pleated maxi skirts, lightweight knit sweaters and ballet flats.

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Accessorize Lightly

Accessorizing for quiet luxury is key, but it must be done within the boundaries of simplicity. A single gold chain necklace, stud earrings or an attractive watch can complete an outfit without adding too much bling. A pair of aviator sunglasses can also contribute chicness to an ensemble.

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Paltrow’s accessory choices during her ski trial present examples of how to dress up an outfit without going overboard. Although her Robinson Pelham necklace costs 23,550 dollars, there are plenty of similar jewelry options that won’t break the bank.

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