Elevate Your Festival Hairstyles with These Four Expert Tips

With Global Dance Festival coming to Denver this weekend and with that comes an opportunity to experiment with makeup and wear an eye-catching hairstyle. 

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Senior Director of Creative and Technical Education at Floyd’s 99 Barbershop, Patrick Butler shares his tips for achieving eye-catching styles that last through heat, humidity, and, of course, a weekend full of dancing. 

Festival Hairstyle Braids with Beads

Photo courtesy of blingerofficial on Instagram

Add dimensions with accessories 

If you’ve figured out the perfect style, but still feel like something is missing, experiment with adding accessories to your look. Add clip-in beads or gems, spray on hair glitter, weave in, tinsel, or even hair spraying feathers to where you part your hair – made famous by TikToker @mattloveshair – can help add a special touch and take your look to the next level. 

Butler recommends elevating simple styles for a look that will last. These looks can start with a style as easy as a ponytail. To get your ponytail to last, he suggests relying on products and splitting your hair into multiple sections. 

“If you’re going to a festival, one of the tricks is getting it to last all day and all night. If you use a loose scrunchy, it’s probably not going to hold,” He said. “Use multiple ponytails in the crown and then bring them together. Set yourself up with some product like a leave-in conditioner to tame things down.”

From there, you can spice it up with some added hair accessories. “Then, dress it up, and have some fun,” He said. “Build your base with a ponytail, and then accentuate and build that out with clips and accessories.”

Festival Hairstyle Texture, Tiny Braids

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Embrace texture 

Festival season is all about embracing unkempt, messy looks. Add texture to your look by embracing your hair’s natural curl pattern, or by adding tiny braids and twists to your style. 

Butler recommends using a wax- or cream-based product with an anti-humectant like shea butter or lanolin wax to create a barrier against heat and humidity. 

“In the past, people would hide their texture, but lately we’ve seen the rise of the acceptance of natural texture and beauty in the imperfection,” Butler said. “That’s what people are into right now – you don’t have to have this perfect ringlet or this controlled mane, now, people are figuring out ways to support that natural texture without masking that.”

To get an added boost, Butler recommends using a texture powder for volume and hold. 

Colorful Extensions Festival Hair Style

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Don’t be afraid to fake it

When it comes to putting together festival hairstyles, don’t be afraid to fake it — color and length, that is. 

If you’re looking to add a little color or volume to your festival hairstyle, but you don’t want to commit to dying your hair — colorful extensions allow you to play around with new looks without any permanency. 

They are also great for playing with texture, Butler noted, as they can be styled to blend in with anyone’s natural curl pattern. Hair extensions can also be used to accentuate existing styles if length isn’t a priority. 

“You can define stronger shapes even better with some color to draw attention to certain aspects of the shape,” Butler said. “In the past, it’s been something that only certain people could pull off, but it’s been more normalized and better received. It’s now a big player in the conversation with everyone’s hair, not just certain people.” 

Bubble Braids Festival Hairstyle

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Set it and forget it 

Festivals are a unique combination of all-day dancing while also battling the elements like heat and humidity. 

One key way to ensure your comfort and confidence is choosing a style that keeps your hair out of your face while still expressing your creativity and personality. 

Butler’s recommendation? Try bubble braids. 

“Bubble braids work to your advantage because it’s a great looking style that gets your hair out of the way, and if you set them wet and take them out later in the night, you have these amazing waves that take that style to another level,” He said.

 Global Dance Festival is July 21-22, get your tickets here.